BAT The Textile Art Biennial in Chile

The Textile Art Biennial (BAT) seeks to celebrate the

contemporary expression of the  textile tradition through the work of national and Latin American artists  who have developed new interpretations of this language.

Following the success of their first edition in 2023, BAT CHILE wishes to continue and build a catalog of national and international artists BAT CHILE wants to know you and your work!

Send your portfolio! HERE


Santiago . Museum of Arts

Visuales (MAVI UC), located in the Lastarria neighborhood, tourist center and cultural of the capital of Chile.

Santiago . CEINA, Cultural Center of the National Institute  located in the center of Santiago.

Santiago. La Moneda Cultural Center, located in downtown Santiago, just outside the government house. 

We want to claim textile art as one of the pillars of contemporary art and be its greatest exponent in Latin America. 

Price: No registration fee



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