Beautiful | Grotesque International Art Competition

The “Beautiful | Grotesque” art competition invites artists to delve into the fascinating interplay between beauty and grotesqueness, exploring the inherent tension and harmony that exists within these seemingly contrasting concepts. This theme encourages participants to challenge conventional notions of aesthetics, prompting a reevaluation of what is traditionally considered beautiful or grotesque.

Beauty and grotesqueness are subjective, culturally influenced, and often fluid concepts that can be interpreted in myriad ways. This competition encourages artists to express their unique perspectives on these themes, embracing the diversity of artistic interpretations and pushing the boundaries of visual representation.

The theme invites artists to consider the following aspects:

  1. Contrast and Harmony: Participants are encouraged to juxtapose elements of beauty and grotesqueness within a single piece or across a series of works. How do these opposing forces coexist, and can they create a harmonious visual narrative?
  2. Cultural Influences: Artists are prompted to explore how cultural backgrounds and societal norms shape perceptions of beauty and grotesqueness. How can these influences be portrayed, challenged, or subverted through art?
  3. Metamorphosis and Transformation: The theme encourages artists to explore the transformative nature of beauty and grotesqueness. How can these concepts evolve, mutate, or coalesce into something entirely new and unexpected?
  4. Symbolism and Metaphor: Artists are invited to use symbolism and metaphor to convey deeper meanings associated with beauty and grotesqueness. What do these concepts represent beyond their visual impact? How can they serve as reflections of broader societal issues, personal struggles, or philosophical inquiries?
  5. Personal Expression: The theme emphasizes the individuality of artistic expression. Participants are encouraged to draw from personal experiences, emotions, and perspectives to create works that resonate with authenticity and sincerity.

By challenging artists to navigate the delicate balance between beauty and grotesqueness, this competition aims to foster a rich tapestry of artworks that captivate, provoke thought, and inspire contemplation. Whether through traditional or avant-garde approaches, artists have the opportunity to redefine and expand our understanding of aesthetics, inviting viewers to reconsider their own preconceptions and appreciate the complex interplay of beauty and grotesqueness in the world of art.


Open to all artists, world-wide, above the age of 18 years old.

All mediums and styles are acceptable.

(2-d and 3-d media, currently not accepting video submissions, work must be documented and submitted in jpg/jpeg form).

Submitted work must relate to the theme “Beautiful | Grotesque”. The way in which your work relates to these concepts is open for interpretation. See below for a full explanation of the theme.

The Deadline for submissions is December 12, 2023.


For those who win awards, the award money will be entirely at your discretion to utilize as you wish. The prizes to be awarded will be determined based on the number of art pieces submitted and the overall quality of the artwork submitted. Finalists and all award winners will have their work exhibited in the online gallery on starting November 30, 2023.

First Prize Award | $300-$1,000

Runner-Up Prize Award | $100-$300

Merit Prize Award | $25-$100

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award


Free to submit. Only those accepted as finalists must pay the $35 finalist fee. Finalists will have their work exhibited in the online gallery on and will move on to the final round of jurying in consideration for cash prizes and other awards.


Email us the following information at:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Images of your work (up to 10 images)
  3. Info for each work: Title, medium, dimensions, date created, price (if for sale)
  4. artist statement and bio (optional)

(Jpg/jpeg only. No PDFs, zip files, or google drives are acceptable.)


NOW | Art Competition Open for Entries

28 November 2023 | Early Entry Deadline

12 December 2023 | FINAL DEADLINE for entries

14 December 2023 | Finalist Notification Starts

20 December 2023 | Finalist Fees Due

4 January 2024 | Cash Prize Notification Starts

4 January 2024 | Exhibition of Winning Artworks Starts

8 January 2024 | Cash Prize Distribution Starts**

*** All cash prizes are given out via PayPal. In order to be eligible for a monetary award, you must have a PayPal account.

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