Bright Festival Call for Artist

BRIGHT FESTIVAL CONNECT is an international cooperation project that fosters the creativity as a means of connection between cultures and countries involving institutions, communities, artists, design studios, dealers, partners and local organizations in order to make an easier access, promotion and distribution of digital art through new technologies.

The call is open to:

→ Digital & interactive installations
→ Light & sound experiences
→ Immersive art show
→ AI-based installations
→ Virtual Reality
→ Audio-visual performances

You are perfect for this Call if:

→ you want to increase your visibility and internationally promote your works as an artist or creative design studio
→ you want to increase your network and get in touch with suppliers, customers or collaborators in your field
→ you want to exhibit your project / work / installation in front of a wide digital-conscious audience


Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Originally a power plant, in 2016 this space was turned into the first venue in
Germany entirely dedicated to digital and multimedia art installations.
Spectacular 360° immersive art projections, art exhibitions, live music events, and
multimedia shows welcome visitors every day, breaking all boundaries between artworks
and audiences. All in all, 3.600 square meters of wall and floor space are covered in
digital art.

The Kunstkraftwerk space is composed of five exhibition areas. 

Each one will be dedicated to a specific project category:

→ MACHINENHALLE (Audio-Visual performances)

→ KESSELHALLE (Immersive Art)

→ KANTINE 3 (Digital & interactive installations)

→ BASEMENT (Light & Sound experiences, Interactive installations)

→ OUTDOOR AREA (Virtual Reality)





Deadline for applying: 19-07-2024

Results will be communicated from 31.07.2024

Website link:

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