IAAC: International Awards for Art Criticism

The Tenth Edition of the International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC 10) 2024, is open to candidates from anywhere in the world writing in Chinese or English about any contemporary art exhibition held anywhere in world or on-line between 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024. Candidates are invited to write a review of 1,500 English words or 2,500 Chinese characters on any exhibition of contemporary art.The First Prize will consist of a cash award of 10,000 Euros(pre-tax) or the RMB equivalent of this amount (currently, around 80,000 RMB). Each of the three Second Prizes will be awarded a cash prize of 3,500 Euros(pre-tax) or the RMB equivalent of this amount (currently, around 30,000 RMB). The level of the Awards is pegged to a fixed amount in Euro, but international Award winners may choose to be paid either in Euro or in RMB at the official exchange rate on the day that the payment is effected.The Organising Committee of the International Awards for Art Criticism aims to support independent critical coverage of contemporary art, away from the immediate pressures of the market, media and private patronage. The Awards are to stimulate good writing, critical thinking and dialogue and research in China, the UK and wider afield.The objectivity of the selection process is underpinned, both by the recognised professionalism of the Chinese and English-speaking jury members and by the strict anonymity of the judging process.

Application Procedures

to Apply The awards are open to all, there is no age limit and we welcome entries from individuals representing a wide range of backgrounds from anywhere in the world, writing in Chinese or English.
Entrants are required to submit a piece of critical writing about a contemporary art exhibition held anywhere in the world, between 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024. The start and end dates of the exhibition may fall outside these dates, but the exhibition must have been open to the public at some stage during this period.

Procedure All candidates are invited to log in to the official IAAC website, enter the relevant details and upload their review and any accompanying images. They may then return to the site to add or alter information at any time up to the deadline for submissions

Opening date for entries: 3 June 2024;
Closing date for entries: 15 September 2024

Submissions may be no longer than 1,500 English words or 2,500 Chinese characters in length. Variations in length of more than 10 % either way are likely to be rejected.
Submissions may be accompanied by a maximum of three images of the relevant exhibition, which are cleared for publication (please give full captions and acknowledgments!). There is, however, no requirement to submit images of the relevant exhibition. Only provide images, if you consider them to be necessary to your discussion of the exhibition in question.
Submissions should be sent electronically as a single PDF file no greater than 4MB-i.e an ‘optimised’ pdf. (The entire email should not be more than 5MB).
All entries will be anonymised for the judges, but please include personal information and brief exhibition details in the body of the application form, for administrative purposes.
Publishing rights on all texts must be assigned to the organisers.

The final adjudication will be in English, at a meeting of the combined panel of Chinese and English-speaking judges towards middle of December in Shanghai, and announced to the media immediately afterwards.

English language: Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh.
Address: Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9DF
Email: IAAC@ed.ac.uk

Chinese language: School of Philosophy, Fudan University
Address: 220 Handan Road, Shanghai (Room 2308, West Main Building, Guanghua Building)
T +86 (0)21 6564 2732 / Email: philo.fudan@gmail.com

Website link: http://www.iaac-m21.com/english/index.html

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