KuBa: Kulturbahnhof Residency

KuBa: Kulturbahnhof is an ongoing project that constantly develops with the visitors of the residency. We invite artists & writers to contribute to this process. The interaction with this unique location is an essential element of the residency experience.

KuBa:kulturbahnhof is located in the disused train station of the village Klein Warnow in Brandenburg.
KuBa: kulturbahnhof can be easily arrived at from Berlin or Hamburg by public transportation. We are happy to help in finding a suitable connection.

Residents will live in a private housing unite, approximately 50m² each with an own bedroom, workspace, bathroom and kitchen.
Internet access (WLAN) is reliable & reasonably fast.

Outdoor areas:
A larger outdoor area with additional buildings can be used.

Permaculture garden:
Our permaculture garden is a continuously developing project. We encourage our visitors to engage in a sustainable approach to nature and new forms of nutrition.

Artistic Training:
The one-month residency program opens with a workshop on self-management and on the specification of personal goals to be achieved during the residency. In addition, we are available as a contact person for the entire duration of your stay. Project presentations can be arranged at the end of the stay.

Duration of the Residency:
From May to September the respective residence period is four weeks.

Short term stays and retreats are possible in October or between January and April.
Individuals or couples/duos may apply.

KuBa:kulturbahnhof is an artist run initiative without public funding. Therefore we have to ask for a contribution from the artist for their stay.

Residency (May to September):
Singles: 650,00€
Couples: 750,00€
Residency dates:
May 1-28, June 1-28, July 1-28, August 1-28, September 1-28

Short term visits & Retreats ( January- April, one week minimum)
175,00 € per week

Website link: http://www.kuba-kulturbahnhof.de/residency

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