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Palazzo Bronzo is an artist-run space in Genova. Half studio and half exhibition space, it stems from the need for an underground artistic stronghold that knows how to include different realities, between studio practice and exhibition space, but also spatial and installation design; support for emerging artists, organisation of elaborate exhibitions, concerts, shows, and residencies. It is a long-term project of dialogue with the territory, which intends to deal with a port city that is historically Creole and still resists globalisation.

Palazzo Bronzo is seeking projects on which to develop one or more events for the upcoming public season. All expressive languages are eligible for the call, which must be accompanied by a project. We are particularly enthusiastic, in addition to visual arts languages, toward dialogic and hybrid practices such as sound and new media art, performance, lectures, multimedia storytelling, concerts, relational practices, and workshop-based projects.

During the project phases , a tech and curatorial staff will be made available to assist in the development of the selected projects. 

Any technical requests such as budget and working residency in Palazzo spaces must be justified and budgeted within the project pdf. If possible, please indicate dates of availability and timing of the project.

To participate, you must attach your cv and project proposal in a single pdf in English or Italian.
The portfolio is optional.

Proposals should be sent by June 30th 2024, and they will be selected during July, an answer will be given during the month of September. The projects will be included in the program of 24/25.


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