Pottery Farm Residency 2024

A residency at Pottery Farm is more like a retreat. There are no requirements made of the artist or writer at the end of the residency. The medieval surrounding villages and beautiful countryside with 360 views , is a source of inspiration in itself.
PFG is an artist-run contemporary art space in south west France, providing residencies for writers, filmmakers, visual artists, makers, photographers, musicians, researchers and all other types of creative practitioner.
PFG is now inviting applications for a residencies for 2024
Residents live and work in the house, studios and gardens of PFG
The farm is the home, working ceramics studio and gallery of Hilary Fehr. 
Residencies offer time to focus on research and development to inspire a new body of work or develop an existing project. They can nurture the growth of seedling ideas by giving the space to unselfconsciously experiment and play without expectation or obligation.

Open Call for 2024
February 14 to 28
March 13 to 27
May 15 to 29
June 19 to July 3
September 11 to 25
October 9 to 23

Application deadline

Duration of residency
Residencies are self-funded and self-directed, and can last 2 weeks. We accept applications year-round, for residencies between September and June Please visit our website to see other available dates.
A private double bedroom (for both working and sleeping) is offered close to the shared bathroom (four other residents maximum). There is also a shared kitchen and dining room, plus ample space in the garden for relaxing and working.
Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
This open call is for writers, makers, filmmakers, photographers or any creative practitioner who works in non-messy media. Please note that this is not a ceramics retreat, but rather a time for artists to work on independent projects.
This 2 week self-directed residency is a self-funded residency for 1 person. Fees include: lifts to and from the nearest train station in Gimont a private double bedroom/work space, plus shared shower bathroom, toilets, kitchen, dining room and gardens. 2 weeks for 1 person is 800€. 
Expectations towards the artist
As this is a self-funded residency, the only expectation is that the artist works on their project during the majority of their residency. We hope that this supportive environment, without the pressure to produce, will aid creativity, experimentation and the development of new ideas. PFG offers all creative practitioners a change of pace and the space to create.
Artists from all areas are welcome to discover this beautiful corner of the South West of France and to enjoy the tranquility of country living as they practice their craft.
The aim is to disconnect from distractions , live in harmony with Nature and focus on your creative project being inspired by the rich French culture and stunning scenery.
Duration of residency
The residency is two weeks in length.

The large farmhouse is set on a hill giving 360° views of rolling hills and the full range of the pyrenees.
There are five spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms and a large kitchen with a wood fire which heats the whole house along with a heat exchange pump.
Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Artists are responsible for their own equipment. If you have any questions, please reach out to info@potteryfarmgallery.com. 
Studio / Workspace
Each artist has their own spacious room with a desk and shares the living rooms and fully equipped kitchen.
There are various spaces around the farm to work, the gallery, pigeon loft/office, outside in the grounds or the ceramics studio ( when available on special request).
Fees and support
The fee is 690€ which includes full use of the house with all amenities two week residencies

Application information
All applications are welcome for all fields hoping to find a good fit for the placement setting.
A retreat for scholars, artists, and writers, where they could work undisturbed on their research, art, or writing. 
The Artist Residency Program of PFG is a multi-disciplinary residency that was created with the goal of offering a beautiful space for musicians, scholars, writers, painters and other artists who seek a quiet place to work undisturbed on their art. The scenery and beauty of the region, as well as the history and comfort of the house, provide an ideal setting to focus on creative work.
Fees and support
Our Artist Residency Program costs 690 euros for a two week period. This includes lodging, electricity and gas, and water. 

Studio type and size:
Live/work studio
Accommodation type:
Private Room
Private Cabin/House
Which disciplines does your residency cater to?:
Visual Art
What practical facilities does your residency offer to artists?:
Private accommodation
Private studio / workplace

Website link: http://potteryfarmgallery.com

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