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SaveArtSpace is pleased to announce a partnership with The Untitled Space for an empowering public art series of billboards throughout the United States launching this October 2024, along with an exhibition of the artwork to be presented at The Untitled Space gallery this fall. Revolving around the theme of “FUTURE VISION” the public art series and exhibition is now open for artist submissions via an open call through August 5, 2024, curated by Indira Cesarine.


In today’s rapidly changing world, the importance of envisioning a hopeful and equitable future cannot be overstated. The “Future Vision” public art billboard exhibition presented by The Untitled Space in collaboration with non-profit SaveArtSpace invites artists to dream big and create compelling visual narratives that imagine a better tomorrow. Running from October – November in time for the run up to the U.S. presidential election in major cities throughout The United States including New York City, Los Angeles, and more, this exhibition is not just about idealism, it’s about providing a roadmap for the future we want to build. By focusing on ideals such as justice, peace, equality, diversity, and sustainability, this theme encourages artists to create works that inspire, motivate, and guide collective action toward a more just and harmonious world. Activism has always been a driving force for progress. The “Future Vision” public art billboard exhibition aims to amplify the voices of those who are fighting for social justice and systemic change, and who envision a promising future. Art has the power to provoke thought, spark conversation, inspire and elevate. By turning billboards into canvases for art, we can reach a broad audience and demonstrate how creativity can be a powerful tool for advocating for a brighter tomorrow.

In a time when social justice movements are gaining momentum worldwide, it is crucial to envision a future where justice is not just an ideal but a reality for all. This includes racial justice, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, economic fairness, sustainability, and global peace. With increasing political polarization and global conflicts, the need for peace is more urgent than ever. Peace is not merely the absence of war but the presence of conditions that foster harmony, understanding, and cooperation. A sustainable future is essential for the well-being of all living beings and the health of our ecosystems.

Through powerful imagery and innovative practices, artists can inspire a vision of a world that motivates viewers. “Future Vision” serves as a catalyst for change. Art has the unique ability to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, reaching a diverse audience and evoking emotional responses that drive action. When people see a vivid portrayal of what a better future could look like, they are more likely to be inspired to take steps toward making that vision a reality. 

The “Future Vision” theme is a call to artists to use their creativity to paint a picture of what a hopeful and equitable future looks like. Turning billboards into canvases for activist art not only amplifies important messages but also democratizes art, making it accessible to a wider audience. Through their art, artists can inspire, educate, and mobilize viewers, helping to turn aspirational visions into tangible realities, harnessing their creativity for social change.

“I am thrilled to curate this public art series that transforms billboards into canvases for social change across the nation. The ‘Future Vision’ theme invites artists to imagine and depict a better tomorrow during a critical time leading up to the presidential election. Your artwork can inspire viewers, spark meaningful dialogue, and encourage a promising future – making it an essential part of this nationwide initiative. The billboard transformed into an art display is an innovative, and ultimately accessible way to transform spaces normally dedicated to advertising into public art that has power and impact.” – Curator Indira Cesarine

Artists are asked to be creative, with artwork inspired by your “Future Vision” 

Each billboard will feature selected artwork along with artist name and the title of the artwork. The gallery exhibition will compliment the public art series with a presentation and celebration of the artwork. This open call is open to all artists, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or practice. All mediums are welcome.

We invite artists of all ages and talents to submit their artwork between June 26 and August 5, 2024. This is an opportunity to have your work placed on billboard ad space in New York City, Los Angeles, and more.

Open call for art ends August 5, 2024. There is a $10 donation per image submission to participate, each donation is tax deductible and goes to the production of public art. Selected artists will be announced after September 9, 2024.

Opening October 11, 2024, SaveArtSpace will launch public art installations for each selected work on billboard ad spaces in cities around the US. The public art will be on view for at least one month.

  • Submission Deadline: August 5, 2024
  • Entry Fee: $10
  • Eligibility: International


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