Superintelligence Imagined Creative Contest

The Superintelligence Imagined Creative Contest, organized by the Future of Life Institute , seeks to inspire creators to generate compelling educational materials that highlight the risks associated with the development of superintelligent AI.

The Future of Life Institute is running this contest to generate submissions that explore what superintelligence is, the dangers and risks of developing such a technology, and the resulting implications and consequences for our economy, society, and world.

Your submission

Your submission should help your chosen audience to answer the following fundamental question:

What is superintelligence, and how might it threaten humanity?

We want to see bold, ambitious, creative, and informative explorations of superintelligence. Submissions should serve as effective tools for prompting people to reflect on the trajectory of AI development, while remaining grounded in existing research and ideas about this technology. And finally, they should have the potential to travel far and impact a large audience. Our hope is that submissions might reach audiences who have not yet been exposed to these ideas and educate them on superintelligent AI systems and prompt them to think seriously about its impacts on the things that matter to them.


Any textual / visual / auditory / spatial format (eg. video, animation, installation, infographic, videogame, website), including multi-media is eligible. The format can be physical or digital, but the final submission must be hosted online and submitted digitally.

Successful applicants might include videos, animations, and infographics. We would love to see more creative mediums like videogames, graphic novels, works of fiction, digital exhibitions, and others, as long as they meet our judging criteria.


Prizes will be awarded to the five applications that score most highly against our judging criteria, as voted by our judges. We may also publish some ‘Honorable mentions’ on our contest website — these submissions will not receive prize money.

Five winning entries will be decided by our panel of judges based on the three judging criteria. Each will be awarded a prize of $10,000 USD.

Teams must divide the winning money between all team members.

We may also award some ‘Honorable mentions’ to submissions which did not win a prize but deserve to be seen. These submissions will not receive any prize money but will be displayed on our site alongside the winning submissions.

Entry to the contest is free.

Your Submission

Your submission must consist of:

  • Creative material (must be digitised, available at a URL)
  • Summary of your artwork (2-3 sentences) describing your submission
  • Team details: Member names, emails, locations, roles in the submission

See the application form for a full list of fields you will need to complete. You can save a draft of your submission, and invite others to collaborate on a single submission.

Contest Timeline

Submissions deadline

31 August 2024

Judging completed

October 2024

Winners announced

October 2024

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