Teias Criativas: Textile Design Artist Residency

‘TEIAS CRIATIVAS’ [2024/25] is an artistic residency program for Portuguese and international designers to take place at NEW HAND LAB (NHL). (click on the link to find out more about the NHL) It has the institutional support of Direcção-Geral das Artes, Turismo Centro de Portugal, Câmara Municipal da Covilhã – Cidade Criativa de Design, Faculty of Arts and Letters of University of Beira Interior and Ideias Emergentes.

The program aims at cross-referencing the industrial textile heritage found in the facilities where the residencies will take place, to create unique design artworks.

The artistic residencies are organized into three types, each in an open call format so that designers can submit their projects:
É mentorship [open now]: 4 open calls, one for each textile categories (tufting, arts & crafts, weaving and fashion), where the designer is accompanied by a specialist in the artistic area (to assist in the use of materials and equipment, the application techniques, etc.) during the creation of the textile design work;
É community [opening soon]: 1 open call, where the designer is invited to observe a community/participatory creation by an artist to create a work of communication design;
É digital [opening soon]: 1 open call, where the designer is invited to re-interpret a work of art from the NHL’s private collection to create a piece of media arts design;
The selection process will be carried out by a jury that will determine the winning designers.
The artwork will be inaugurated and exhibited at NHL as part of the TRIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE DESIGN DA COVILHÃ (TIDC) program, to be held in March-June 2025.

The programme explores the industrial textile heritage of NHL as a cultural creative industry, connecting new artists with the permanent makers of this space, to create unique and contemporary works of design.

This first 30-day artistic residency and mentorship has four options for design projects:

  • tufting
  • weaving
  • arts and crafts
  • fashion

ARTISTIC RESIDENCY characteristics:
⊃ target audience: for designers living in Portugal or abroad;
⊃ selection process: open call;
⊃ calendar: 30-day residency period (to include arrival/check-in, departure/check-out, project development, public activities, mediation activities and free days);
⊃ working hours: open access from 9.30 a.m. until 6 p.m.;
⊃ designer’s fee: 2.500,00€;
⊃ designer’s grant for expenses: 850,00€, of which 750,00€ is for food (2 daily meals, considering an average of 25,00€/day) and 50,00€ for transport (considering a round trip by train and/or bus from Lisbon or Porto to Covilhã);
⊃ payment: two instalments, the first (50%) in 48 hours or 2 working days after acceptance of the selected designer [after invoice] and the last (50%) in 48 hours or 2 working days after the first day of residence;
⊃ taxes: any applicable taxes remain the grantee’s responsibility (designers);
⊃ accommodation: Centro de Incubação e Apoio a Indústrias Culturais e Criativas (art residence equipment housed by Teatro Municipal da Covilhã) that has common areas (kitchen, living room) and private areas (bedrooms with WC);
⊃ mentorship: the designer will be accompanied by a specialist to assist in the execution of the project, with the materials and equipment available;

OPEN CALL documents:
a. detailed description of the project to be developed (in .pdf format with the name MD_designersname);
b. CV and portfolio (in .pdf format with the name CV_designersname).
Documents should be sent to residencias.newhandlab@gmail.com with the subject line ‘NHL.TC.TIDC – [designer’s name]’.
notes. Only two documents (a+b) will be validated per designer, in the format and scope required.
These documents can be sent as a compressed folder or using a WeTransfer link. The deadline of submission is the 21st of July of 2024. We will implement a strict deadline policy. The description of the project cannot exceed 15.000 characters.

For more information: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wY4O50Xz8H-Qb9Q2eqnxmelvNLnSPOVX/view

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