How to Use Artinfoland site

How to Use Artinfoland site

Artinfoland is a comprehensive platform designed to make it easy for artists to find and choose the competitions that align with their interests. Our website features different categories that provide artists with convenient navigation and access to relevant opportunities.

In the site’s menu, we have two main types of categories:

1. Classification based on the organizers of the art calls: This category is divided into residency programs, fellowships, galleries, magazines, publications, art fairs, and biennials. We are continuously expanding this category to include more options in the future.

2. Classification based on the participants: Artists, writers, and curators. We will soon be adding a designer category as well.

In addition to the categories, we provide two types of calendars to display the dates of each art call, ensuring you never miss an important deadline.

Our search table on the first page offers comprehensive search options, and you can utilize any combination of the available filters to refine your search. The sections of the search table include:

1. Name: Search by the name of the competition you are interested in.

2. Category: Select the specific category you wish to explore.

3. Location: Choose the desired country where you want to participate in the call.

4. Venue: Set by the organizers are defined on our site (this section is currently under completion).

5. Speaker: This section is subject to change and does not require your input.

6. Organizer: Select the preferred organizer from the available options.

7. Dates: Specify the desired start and end dates for the competitions.

8. Sort by: Choose the sorting criteria for displaying the search results.

9. Input amount: Select the number of entries or participants allowed.

10. Start search: Click this button to initiate the search.

Search table in main page

Search table in other page

In each section, you will find a call-out box featuring a photo and relevant information. Underneath the photo, you will see categories displayed with orange buttons, each representing a specific topic category.

If you click on “All Events” button at the end of the category part, you will be directed to a page dedicated to that particular category, showcasing all the relevant calls within it.

As you scroll through the page, you will also find a “Next” button at the end, allowing you to navigate to the subsequent pages and explore more art calls.

At the end of each call description, you will find an orange link that directs you to the main website of the respective call. This link provides additional information and allows you to proceed with the application process.

By clicking on the orange link, you will be taken to the official website where you can find more details about the call, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, and any other pertinent information. It’s essential to visit the main website for a comprehensive understanding of the call and to complete the application process.

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