2023 ‘Passage’ AiR programme

Call for applications. Photographers, Filmmakers.

For the 2023 ‘Passage’ AiR programme, the Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg e.V. and Polygona Kunstverein (Kemberg Culture and Art Association; Polygona Art Association) are looking forward to receiving photography & film based applications from both national and international artists into the residency programme. There are two residency places available for June 2023; with one residency awarded to a female artist who is also a mother – further referred to in this guidelines as female artist-parent.

Under the theme ‘Status Landscape’, the residencies are intended to enable an examination of the current environmental condition of the landscape of the Dübener Heide, a Natural Park in the East of Germany. The following questions can serve as suggestions: What are the expectations towards a landscape? Which ways of perceiving a landscape arise during a temporary stay on site? What is the significance of a landscape as a resource for local recreation, economy and climate? We encourage applicants to consider exploring new themes related to the region of the Dübener Heide through a temporary residency. We also encourage artists to consider using familiar or new working methods in a site-specific way.

We are entering the third round of the ‘Passage’ residencies in 2023 and opening the new year directly with the call for applications. For the 2023 ‘Passage’ Artist-in-Residence programme we are looking forward to receiving photography & film based applications. There are two residencies available for June 2023, with one residency awarded to a female artist who is also a mother. There are some adjustments this year, e.g. the female artist with a child gets more financial support. We will also be accommodating the residency artists in the Saxon part of the Dübener Heide.

Applications must be submitted informally by email to info[at]passageair.org by 28th February 2023. Required details for the application are: name, first name, a valid email address. In addition, the following information must be attached to the email together in one pdf (max 15 MB):

• artistic curriculum vitae
• planned work project during the residency (max. 2000 characters)
• meaningful work samples

The funding comprises:

• the arrangement and assumption of the costs for accommodation in the Dübener Heide for the duration of the four-week stay in June 2023
• the assumption of travel costs for arrival and departure up to a maximum of 500,00 EUR
• a one-time grant of 1000,00 EUR
• the assumption of the costs of transportation during the residency up to a maximum of 150,00 EUR
• for the female artist-parent, the assumption for travel costs of the child and temporary childcare for the duration of the stay up to a maximum of 600,00 EUR

All further details can be found on the ‘Passage‘ website: https://www.passageair.org/

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