55 World Gallery of Cartoons – Skopje 2023

55 World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje 2023

OSTEN Skopje is proud to announce the 55th World Gallery Of Cartoons – Skopje 2023, and to invite submissions by authors from around the world.

Professional, semi-professional and amateur cartoonists can participate with one or more original cartoons, satirical drawings and comics/strips.

This year, OSTEN Skopje will award a Grand Prix for Lifetime Achievement of $1,500 (and sculpture), one First Award of $1,000 (and plaque), one Second Award of $500 (and plaque), five (5) third awards and five (5) special awards as plaques, and the Cico Award to one Macedonian cartoonist.

The organizer invites all participants to attend the opening of the exhibition and presentation awards ceremony in December 2023 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

For every edition of the World Gallery of Cartoons, OSTEN also publishes an exclusive catalog with the works of the selected cartoonists.

The theme and technique for 2023 are free and left to the author’s choice.

The awarded authors receive appropriate Certificates and printed copy of the catalog via post mail. Their works remain in the OSTEN Collection.

OSTEN’s World Gallery of Cartoons is the one and only event of such provenance in the Republic of North Macedonia, the oldest in the Balkan and one of the most long-standing in the world. It was established back in 1969, making artistic forms like cartoon, satiric drawing and comic strips available to the wider audience.

– Fill out the APPLICATION FORM (electronically or manually) and send it to the e-mail:
cartoons@osten.com.mk along with a photo, short bio and digital images of the submitted works
– To send the electronically submited works -original or digital (printed, numbered and signed) BY POSTAL MAIL along with the printed and signed Application Form to our address:
OSTEN – WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS, “8. Udarna Brigada” 2, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
with a note: NO COMMERCIAL VALUE! FOR EXHIBITION ONLY!!! – up to 30 June 2023 latest!
– ON THE BACK OF EACH WORK TO WRITE the name, the country and the title of the work

• The process of organization of the 55th WGC Skopje 2023 is in four phases:
– APPLICATION (March – June 2023)
– SELECTION + publication of selected cartoonists (July – September 2023)
– JURY + announcement of finalists (October 2023)
• THE OFFICIAL EXHIBITION and AWARD GIVING (December 2023) in Skopje, R.N.M.
DEADLINE for arrival of the works for participation in the 55th WGC Skopje 2023 – 30 June 2023!!!

• The cartoonists can participate with:

  • ORIGINAL WORKS, (hand-created works/drawn on paper or other media)
  • DIGITAL WORKS (printed, numbered and signed in pencil on the front)

Submission is free if your work remains in the OSTEN Collection. If you’d like your (unselected) works returned, a fee is $20 applies.

website: 55 WGC 2023 General Info (osten.mk)

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