APE CAMP Open Call for Artists

Thank you for your interest in APE CAMP, a dynamic playground designed for 100 young Artists, Producers and Engineers.

Arts Council Korea is a public institution operating under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Since its inception in 1973, its core objective has been to manage the Cultural and Arts Promotion Fund and support a diverse array of cultural and arts projects, thereby fostering the holistic development of culture and arts in South Korea.

APE CAMP aims to serve as a vibrant hub for young artists, producers and engineers, where they embark on a journey to explore the convergent DNA of APEs. Over the course of three days, 100 participants will be organized into teams based on their respective artistic and technical roles. Together, they will collaborate to generate innovative ideas for art and technology convergence.

During pitching sessions, participants will seize the chance to broaden their networks on a global scale. Outstanding campers will be selected to receive support for an international research trip, where they visit leading institutions specializing in art and technology convergence across the globe. This invaluable experience promises to offer fresh perspectives from the global scene, nurturing creative depth and facilitating advancement in their respective fields.

  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE : Thursday, March 28, 2024, 6pm KST
  • SCHEDULE : June 2024
  • LOCATION : Seoul, Korea (*Locations to be confirmed)
  • FEES : Free

1. Program Details

  • A two-day, three-night camp for 50 young artists and producers and 50 engineers to compete for ideas under the theme of Convergence of Art and Technology
    • Random team matching
    • Generating and developing ideas
    • Pitching
    • Creating a global network for the convergence of art and technology
  • International conference on trends and best practices in the convergence of art and technology.
  • (Benefit to Top 25 Campers) International research trip opportunities to institutions including:
    • HUB Montreal (Canada)
    • IRCAM (France)
    • Jason Bruges Studio (UK)
    • SAT (Canada)
    • Watershed (UK)
    • YCAM (Japan)
    • ZKM (Germany)
    ※ Partnering institutions listed are current as of 2023 but are subject to potential changes in the future.

2. Qualifications

For all applicants
  • (Mandatory) Participation must be in the name of an individual only.
  • (Mandatory) Applicants must be available to participate in the camp from June 20 to June 22, 2024, in Seoul, Korea.※ Selection will be canceled if the selected applicant is unable to participate in the camp after selection.
  • (Mandatory) Applicants must be able to communicate in English.
  • (Mandatory) Applicants who have not participated in the 1st or 2nd APE CAMP’s Overseas Research Trip before
For Artists & Producers
  • (Mandatory) Young artists and producers with experience in the convergence of art and technology
    • Applicable art forms: Literature, Visual Arts, Theater/Musical, Dance, Music, Traditional Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts, others.
For Engineers
  • (Mandatory) Members of technology companies, scientists, and engineers interested in networking and collaborating with artists
    • Applicable field 1: Stage Lighting, Stage Sound, Stage Video, Stage Equipment, others
    • Applicable field 2: AI, Immersive Sound, Robotics, VR/AR/XR, Kinetic Art, Motion Capture, Metaverse, others
  • (Note) Preference will be given to young engineers.

3. Participant Support

  • Airfare, accommodation (1 room for 2 people), and meals for the camp participation
  • (For Top 25 Campers) Airfare, accommodation, and meals for an international research trip
Expected Outcome
  • Collaboration and exchange with international players in art and technology convergence.
  • (For Top 25 Campers) A research trip and networking opportunities to leading organizations in the field of art and technology convergence.

4. Key Dates For Participants (KST)

Call OpensThursday, February 29, 2024Online
Deadline for Application SubmissionThursday, March 28, 2024Online
Results Emailed to the ApplicantsMonday, April 8, 2024Online
Pre-camp & Performance Sharing SessionsJune 8, 2024Online
2nd Convergence of Art & Tech International ConferenceJune 19, 2024Seoul, Korea
3rd APE CAMPJune 20 to 22, 2024Seoul, Korea
International Research TripJuly to November, 2024

5. Major Programs

Pre-camp & Performance Sharing Sessions with 2023’s Participants
  • On/offline pre-camp for networking and performance sharing sessions inviting 2023’s research trip participants
  • Online participation available for those living abroad.
2nd Convergence of Art & Tech International Conference
  • Sharing best practices from leading global organizations in the field of convergence of art and technology
Main Camp
  • Participants will be ranked from 1 to 100 based on performance in team and individual missions.
  • International research trip opportunity for Top 25 campers
International Research Trip for the Top 25 Campers
  • Plan for a trip to international partner organizations.
  • Conduct research trip and share results.

6. Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline : Thursday, March 28, 2024, 6pm KST

Please complete attached application form and send it via email to: ape@arko.or.kr

  • Subject: [APE CAMP] (MAIN ROLE) – Full nameeg. [APE CAMP] Producer – John Doe

※ All documents must be submitted in English.

Applications will be deliberated by professionals based on the applicant’s:
  1. 1. Understanding of the field,
  2. 2. Capacity for collaboration,
  3. 3. Enthusiasm for participation, and
  4. 4. Expected effects.

Results will be announced on April 8, 2024 via email.

Website link: https://www.arko.or.kr/develop/board/view/601?page=&cid=714623

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