Artist Protection Fund fellowship

Artist Protection Fund fellowship

The Artist Protection Fund draws upon the unwavering commitment that the Institute has demonstrated for over 100 years to preserve lives, voices, and ideas from around the globe. With support from the Mellon Foundation and with the participation of many arts organizations worldwide, IIE developed the Artist Protection Fund to fill a critical unmet need by providing relief and safe haven to artists on a large scale, and for extended periods.

Eligibility Criteria

Artist Protection Fund (APF) applicants from any country and artistic discipline may qualify. Applications are reviewed for artistic merit, the quality/potential of the applicant’s work, and the severity of the threats that the applicant faces. Preference is given to artists who:

  • are facing or have recently fled from immediate, severe, and targeted threats to their lives and/or artistic practice in their home countries or countries of residence;
  • demonstrate accomplishment and promise in their artistic practice;
  • will benefit their home and/or host communities.

Please note:

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • We encourage applications from women and members of ethnic, racial, cultural, or religious minority groups, or those otherwise underrepresented in their fields.
  • APF gives priority to individuals still living in their home country or who have recently fled.
  • APF typically does not consider applications from individuals who have been displaced or in exile for more than two years, or who hold citizenship or other permanent status in a second country.
  • APF does not grant fellowships to students seeking to continue or fund their academic studies.
  • APF does not award fellowships based on financial need alone, and it does not fund individual art projects and/or programs.

Completion of the Online Application

  • Personal Information / Biographical Data
  • An Artist Statement. Please discuss your artistic background and process and explain what projects you might undertake during a fellowship. Please note that artist statements are generally a maximum of one page.
  • A Personal Statement (Statement of Threat). Please explain why you are applying to the Artist Protection Fund for support. Include a clear account of the threats or risks that you have been facing. Please note that personal statements are generally a maximum of one page.
  • Current CV or resume. Please include the following information:
    • Educational background
    • Current position (location, dates of tenure, professional title & responsibilities);
    • Previous positions (in chronological order: location, dates of tenure, professional title & responsibilities);
    • List of recent exhibitions, performances, productions, publications, etc.;
    • Other relevant work (including, artist presentations, grants/honors/awards, artistic/professional affiliations).
  • Two (2) professional letters of reference from creative professionals who can speak to your artistic practice, exhibitions, publications, teaching or other advanced artistic experience. Reference letters must be on an official letterhead or accompanied by the referee’s CV, resume, or bio.
  • Two (2) personal letters of reference from colleagues or people who are aware of the difficulties that you have been facing. These letters can also include artistic merit. Reference letters must be on official letterhead or accompanied by the referee’s CV, resume, or bio.


Applications and submissions are evaluated throughout the year, on a rolling basis. Applicants that meet all APF eligibility requirements and provide a completed application package will be considered by the APF Selection Committee. The APF Selection Committee meets up to two (2) times per year. Decisions are announced approximately two (2) weeks after each Selection Committee Meeting.

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