AVG Space 2024 Resident Project Public Call

We are looking for project proposals from artists, creatives, designers, architects and brands (individuals or groups) to facilitate work in our space in 2024.
This open call is open to anyone at any stage of the artistic career and does not present a specific theme. We hope to work with artists with research-based art practice and critical thinking ideas.
AVG Space is an independent non-profit contemporary art space located in the center of Chengdu. It is committed to research-led, education and cooperation and exchange. We operate in an artist-led way to support artists and curators to try new ideas. The space promotes emerging artistic practices through exhibitions, residences, workshops and activities.
If you have applied before but have not been selected, please don’t be shy and apply again!

Application for residence project:
You will be arranged to stay in a Loft-style apartment suite with traditional Chinese decoration style.
There are two single bedrooms, kitchens, self-service catering facilities (refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.)
on the first floor. The studio provides an independent and private working environment, and there are convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants and supermarkets downstairs. You can also walk to Tonghuimen/Qingyanggong Subway Station, with comfortable life and convenient transportation.

Period of residence: 2 months
Number of residents: 1 person/1 group
Qualifications: domestic and international artists, curators, researchers

It mainly provides application opportunities for artists and curators with more than 3 years of experience in art creation or curation and independent artistic thinking. Artists and curators are mainly in the field of contemporary art creation, and the creative media is unlimited. The specific residence period is 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the artist’s plan and the type of work. The possibility of salons and sharing sessions will also be provided according to the content of different artists. After the residence, an
exhibition will be presented, and we will issue a collection certificate, and the artist will donate a work.

Provided by AVG
· Accommodation during the residence period (including bedroom, kitchen, studio)
· Residence allowance (including transportation allowance and living materials allowance)
· Cultural exchange activities during the period of residence (lead artists to visit local artists’ studios, art galleries, etc., and hold lectures for artists, etc.)
· Media publicity during the residence period
· Resident Report Exhibition
· Issuance of collection certificate

Provided by the artist
·Cooperate with activities and publicity during the period of residence
·Give the organizer works during the period of residence
·Mention and recognize AVG’s support in any news and publicity
·Have your own loss and damage insurance
·Lectures, workshops or other activities can be held to encourage the audience to participate in the
works during the exhibition.
·Please note, although this application is open to international candidates, AVG is not able to pay for international travel outside of China. AVG can assist with Visa applications.

You will be asked to provide your name, the name of any collaborators, contact information, your exhibition proposal in PDF format (including details below), the preferred date of your exhibition, and details of the relevant activities related to your exhibition.
Your PDF proposal must include the following:
Description of your proposed residency project (up to 300 words)
Detailed information about you and your planned practice (up to 200 words)
You may include in the PDF proposal: previous work cases, supplementary graphics and text,
preparatory sketches, background checks.

  • AVG Application Form (download below)
  • The latest Chinese/English resume and personal statement (if you have a website, please provide it)
  • If the work (no less than 10 works) is a file in the form of pictures, audio links, text or videos, please
    name them in the format of the participant + work dimensions + medium + the year (if your applic‐
    ation is successful, we will use one of the pictures for internal selection and communication. And these pictures will also be used for promotion on our social media or website. If there are any restrictions on use, please let us know.)
    Please include all your application materials in a pdf file.
    Please complete the required documents and send them to: residencies@aspiringvangogh.com (the
    subject of the email should be “exhibition/resident registration + name”)

Get the AVG application form
If you have any access requirements, please contact us at: kylie@eliholdings.com.cn

Website link: https://ugc.production.linktr.ee/8e051369-83a9-4e0e-bc08-fbb3e9f565c8_AVG-Space-2024-Resident-Project-OpenCall.pdf

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