“Butterfly Transformation” digital art exhibition 2023

Butterflies flutter their wings. A storm is coming.

Will artificial intelligence replace or even destroy humans?

When the first steam engine “train” appeared 220 years ago, many people who were used to horse-drawn carriages fled. From today’s perspective, is the train there to make people run in panic or to block the train with their bodies?
Apparently neither. It waits for you to hop in the car and take you far away.

Humans cannot be surpassed by the tools they create, although sometimes they are hurt by tools, by pets. AI does have a counter-function to biological people, so that humans must completely achieve a major upgrade of the system. “Will biological people be replaced?” This question has aroused the curiosity of all mankind, and as long as the curiosity is not extinguished, the game will not be over.

For a long time, human beings sat on ox carts and slowly enjoyed the scenery along the way. If one day, human beings take the time train, we can’t imagine what the scenery along the way is like, magnificent? Dark? Vast? Horror? Or you can’t see anything, everything around you is beyond the scope of the human eye. The world that exists is not the world that is seen.

The artist returned to his studio to continue his work. Technology seems to be small, but the spirit it carries is extensive. Technology and spirituality are two sides of the same body. The digital effect presented by AI is only a stage effect, not a completed effect. There are many possibilities for reinvention, and there are many ways to destroy it.

The future is full of possibilities, and all uncertain.


Open call AI digital artwork- The”Butterfly Transformation” digital art exhibition
Exhibition organizer: Beijing 2102 Art Center
International cooperation agency: International Fashion Art Network
Curator: Yu Gao
Curator Assistants: Chen Qi, Wang Li, Yang Zi, Wang Zhenyu
Scope of appeal: worldwide
Open call time: June 20,2023-Aug 19,2023
Types of works:
Artificial intelligence digital paintings(2-6 pieces), Artificial intelligence digita videos (No more than 2 minutes), Artificial intelligence digita music (No more than 3 minutes), or digital works made with AI assistance
Application materials: Original work + Creative description within 300 words, artistic resume (no more than two pages)
Submission email: yingwuzy@126.com
Exhibition Time: Aug 25, 2023-Sep 8, 2023
Organization: Permanent site of Beijing International Design Week(ZhangJiawan Design Center, TongZhou, Beijing, China)
Offline discussion time: Aug 26, 2023-Sep 6, 2023

website: http://www.beijing2102.com

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Event Details
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