Camargo Art Fellowship 2024 / 2025

Camargo Art Fellowship

Founded by American artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), the Camargo Foundation fosters creativity, research, and experimentation through its international residency program for artists, scholars, and thinkers. Located in Cassis, France, on the edge of the Medi[1]terranean Sea, the Foundation offers time and space in a contemplative and supportive environment, giving residents the freedom to think, create, and connect.

The Camargo Fellowship not only provides time and space for the residents, but also initiates exchanges within the group and develops a collective spirit, which is one of the program’s distinctive features. The interactions developed among the program’s fellows are a vital element of this program.


ARTISTS Artists should keep in mind that the Camargo Fellowship is a research-based residency. Applicants should have had a practice for, at a minimum, the previous 5 years. They should be the primary creators of new work or a new project. They should be able to demonstrate a track record of publications, public performances and exhibitions, credits, awards, and/or grants.

We are interested in artists who have a fully developed, mature artistic voice. Applicants may include artists who are engaged in critical thought and research[1]oriented projects. When applying, artists will have to identify among the following subcategories: Visual Artists / Choreographers, Theater Directors, and Performance Artists / Writers and Playwrights / Film, Video, and Digital Artists / Composers and Sound Artists / Multidisciplinary Artists.

The Camargo Foundation is committed to supporting inclusiveness and a diversity of contemporary reflections and practices, welcoming applicants from around the globe. The Camargo Fellowship offers research-base residencies to applicants from various fields and disciplines. Three main categories are available, as well as several subcategories for artists’ applications.



Applicants must submit a proposal for work they would like to accomplish during their residencies. Proposals may include specific projects to develop or complete (e.g. a book, film, composition, artwork, etc.) or research into a particular topic or issue, in advance of writing or creating a work of art. Research projects should be pertinent to the Fellow’s field. The Camargo Fellowship welcomes both open-ended exploration, or more focused works.


Residents’ sessions are conceived and held by the fellows all throughout the residency, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each fellow will have to select one of the proposed dates, to organize their own session with the rest of the group. They encourage fellows to interact, and to address questions linked to their research and practices. These sessions are invitations to discover a resident’s universe and to engage with it collectively.

They can be organized at the foundation or off campus and be of any format (performances, walks, listening, screening or reading sessions, games, discussions).

We encourage residents to avoid classic (PowerPoint) presentations, to rather experiment with more interactive ways of engaging with each others. Attendance to these sessions is mandatory.


The Camargo Fellowship consists of fellowship residencies that span a period of 10 weeks. The dates for 2024/2025 are:


2024 10 weeks from September 3rd to November 12th, 2024


2025 10 weeks from Ferbuary 28th to May 9th, 2025


14 fellowships per year (7 artists and 7 scholars & thinkers)


A stipend of EUR 350 per week is provided (EUR 3500 for the entire duration of the residency), as is funding for basic transportation to and from Cassis per Fellow. In the case of air travel, basic coach class booked in advance is covered.


Fellows may not accept gainful employment that will prevent them from focusing on their project during their residencies at Camargo. Research leaves or other forms of sabbatical that provide income during the grant period are allowed, as are fees for occasional lectures or participation in seminars. Additional grants that do not contradict the conditions of the Camargo Fellowship are encouraged.

Ends on Mon, Oct 2, 2023 12:30 AM

Please find here the guidelines of the current Camargo Fellowship open call 2024-2025. Click here to access the application form and submit your application to the next Camargo Fellowship edition (Fall 2024 / Spring 2025).

Website link: Camargo Fellowship – The Camargo Foundation

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