CloverMill Art Residency

CloverMill provides an artist studio and gallery space supporting and providing artists the opportunity to make work and create exhibitions. CloverMill has a focus on the process of art making rather than the product of art. 

CloverMill is a project based studio and gallery space and residency open to visual artists, curators, art groups and art galleries.

CloverMill studio & exhibition space is located on the grounds of an old water windmill in The Netherlands. CloverMill offers opportunities to collaborate. The primary focus is on supporting the work of emerging to mid-career female artists and curators.

For each Residency 2 artists are invited to come and work and live at the Mill. This offers an artist to artist mentorship. Each residency runs for 2 weeks.

We provide on-site private accomodation for each participating artist.

CloverMill offers visual artists and curators an opportunity to come together, working in collaboration, expanding on their own practise creating new work for exhibition. Working on a project and collaborative basis it provides a space for critical thinking, experimentation, an open dialogue and a gallery space to present new work.

The focus of the residency will work towards using the gallery space to form a collaborative exhibition afterwards. This will be documented and archived on the CloverMill website. It will launch through social media channels and run on-line. 

What is the Accommodation like?

On-site there is a fully contained private guesthouse. Double bed. It is open plan. It is adjacent to the windmill. 
Behind the Gallery space is a Caravan. Converts to double bed.
Being on-site allows you 24 hour access to the studio. 

What will be the arrangements with food and drinks?

Artists are responsible for their own food and drink. There is a supermarket, butchers, bakery  and a small cafe in the local village 2km away. 

Will I be alone in the Studio?

No. This residency works on the idea of collaboration. For each residency 2 artists will be invited to come and live and work at the windmill.
The founder of CloverMill, Jennifer Smith will also be working in her studio at times.
This offers an artist to artist mentorship. 

How will I get to the Residency?

If arriving into Amsterdam Airport you can take the train to Sliedrecht, from there Jennifer will collect you. (15 minute drive). Other airports include Eindhoven and Rotterdam airport. 

How can I get my work home?

This is the responsibility of the artist. We recommend shipping.

Who provides materials?

Artists supply their own material. We are happy to recommend art supply stores in the Netherlands you can pre-order from if you wish.

Are there costs involved?

Studio, gallery space and accomodation are provided free of charge. Artists are responsible for their own travel.

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