DOOR Residency Programme

Over a span of a 2-month long residency, selected performers will embark on an artist development programme encompassing conceptual exploration, research, skill development, collaboration, and production of new artistic work.

Through group and individual workshops with academics, curators and artists, the participants merge theory with practice, culminating in substantive archival documentation made in collaboration with sound design and videography mentors – converging into the production of tangible artistic outputs.


Application  Deadline: May 10th 2024

Extended: May 23th 2024

Dates: September and October 2024

Funded: Mentorship, Stipend, Studio, Accommodation, Travel


Choreomania — Bodily Excess, Collective Unrest

Choreomania, deemed ‘the dancing plague’ by those in positions of medical-, religious-, and/or social power, describes instances of collective mass eruptions that occurred primarily between the 14th and 17th century. These ‘dance manias’ are conventionally portrayed as unregulated frenzied gatherings wherein people participated until complete exhaustion. 

Throughout this programme, we centre choreomania as a collective response to social crises that finds manifestation (with)in and through the body. In doing so, we question normative processes and relations of power that seek to regulate dissent and disruption by framing them as uncivil, diseased, or mad — positioning them as other.

By re-shifting the conceptual focus and seeing the underpinnings of choreomania as excessive and expressive bodies existing in opposition to hegemonic systems we aim at developing a critical curatorial strategy that intersects notions of queerness, alterity, (dis)order, excessiveness, disciplinarity and resistance wherein choreomania is not just integrated as theme but also as methodology.

Mentorship Programme

Throughout the duration of the program, scholars, artist-researchers and the curatorial team lay the contextual groundwork for the creative explorations of residents through a series of talks about the curatorial theme of ‘Choreomania — Bodily Excess, Collective Unrest’. Weekly curatorial and production meetings refine conceptual frameworks, while one-on-one technical guidance ensures personalised support. Workshops with sound design and videography mentors add a practical dimension, fostering a dynamic learning environment. The mentors here become more than instructors, but in fact co-creators who will help the residents in the realisation of their visions through composing a sound score and capturing performances on video. Through group workshops, participants engage in shared learning experiences, whilst with individual workshops, the residents receive a focused space to address specific challenges and refine techniques. The program culminates in a focused filming week, converging theoretical insights and practical skills, marking weeks of exploration, experimentation, and artistic development.


Each participant will receive a stipend amount of EUR 1500, in order to cover daily expenses and material costs.


The residency will take place at the Hembrugterrein, Zaandam, NL (Metropolitan Region Amsterdam). This historical, industrial site dates back to 1928 which, along with other properties on the premises, used to be a part of the ammunition production facility for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Participants will be working in an open-plan layout where the shared studio spaces are housed within the characteristic industrial setting. The space allocated to each artist averages around 150m2.


Participants will be provided with accommodation within a short distance from the studio space. They will be able to build a close relationship with each other within this shared space, but also have the comfort of their private rooms. The accommodation includes a kitchen and all the other necessary facilities for the two-month residency period. 

Travel costs

The travel cost for artists to come and leave the Netherlands will be fully covered.  Refer to FAQ for more details.


Participants must be at least 18 years of age and be a legal EU resident – outside of the Netherlands. 


For this residency in particular, we are looking for performers with a conceptual and movement-based practice. We are interested in participants whose work have been developed within notions that relate to the curatorial theme, or that can serve as a base to delve into the latter, in a compelling and critical way.

Applicants are asked to submit their portfolios and performance proposals based on the theme ‘Choreomania — Bodily Excess, Collective Unrest’.


Our team accesses every application in an initial pre-selection round thorough the evaluation of the artist’s practice, strength of the conceptual performance proposal and the potential impact of the residency programme on their career. Following this pre-selection, a final selection choice is made after one-on-one interviews. Interviews allow artists to articulate their interpretation of the curatorial theme, providing us with a deeper understanding of how each individual envisions incorporating this concept into their work.

Throughout our selection procedure, we establish a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We actively encourage applications from underrepresented groups, individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds, and people of various heritage. We particularly welcome those who undergo systemic discrimination based on their skin colour, race, or culture. We seek to give equal opportunities to underrepresented groups irrespective of gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, or age.


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