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The EKWC is currently inviting artists and designers, of all variety and from all backgrounds, to apply for one of our twelve-week residencies.

A residency at EKWC offers creative professionals an opportunity to explore the possibilities of ceramics and to expand their technical and material knowledge. What we need from applicants is an imaginative workplan, an experimental attitude, and/or a strong concept — something that you would like to achieve in twelve weeks’ time which would not be possible without the facilities or advice of the EKWC.

It is important that applicants consider the twelve-week timeline of our residencies when planning their projects. Time for experimentation and play should not be undervalued, and processes such as drying-time and firing should not be underestimated.

Remember that the EKWC is not a production facility and it is not always advisable to add the pressures of an upcoming exhibition or the execution of a large work to your time in residence. Every dream is welcomed and will be given its due consideration, but keep in mind that the material and its processes sometimes have a mind of their own.


For academically trained applicants, the completion of academic training and at least two years of professional practice is required. For self-taught applicants, at least four years of professional practice is required.

The EKWC is open to accepting returning residents but only after sufficient time has elapsed since their last residency. Creative professionals who would like to attend a second (or subsequent) residency at EKWC should provide good grounds for how a next residency will effectively contribute to their practice and why the timing is important.

Please note that creative professionals who work in duos or collaboratively, and who would like to be in residence together, must submit two (or more) separate applications, and, if accepted, will pay two (or more) separate fees. In such cases, the resident-duos/collaborators will have individual bedrooms and individual studios.

Please also note that residents are responsible for arranging their own visa applications.


The selection process is carried out by two committees: an internal and an external committee. The external committee consists of museum professionals, curators, artists, teachers with diverse backgrounds; its composition changes every two years.

We assess the applications on quality and feasibility, but also on the urgency of the work. Both the social urgency of a project and the individual urgency for the development of the resident. We also look for a good balance between Dutch and international participants, their professional background, gender and age. Our experience shows that a group that is as diverse as possible is very valuable for mutual exchange.

Our selections are made on the basis of

  • the submitted application form
  • a description of your project with a research question and motivation (no longer than 1 A4, or a video). Also consider the added value of your project for the EKWC.
  • CV
  • Portfolio of recent work (no longer than 10 A4)



The EKWC invites artists and designers of all variety, who have worked with clay before, or have never worked with clay before, to participate in our twelve-week residencies.

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The next call for applications opens June 15, 2024. Deadline 31st August 2024 23.59 cet.

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Website link: https://ekwc.nl/en/apply/

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