Feature Creep Submission Open Call

Feature Creep is seeking submissions from artists, writers, musicians, game makers, and all other types of creatives, in works of any and every medium, which speak to or engage with the genre of .Hypermodern Horror.. Submitted works will be included in the steadily growing Feature Creep Archive, where they can operate in conversation with other works that touch upon this expanding genre.

To submit work, please send either a Mac compatible file of the work you’d like to submit, or a link to the work, (please ensure that the privacy/security settings allow us access) along with the following:

1) A 250-750 Word Creator Bio, including your education (either formal or informal), your professional/exhibition experience (if any) as well as any other information about yourself that you feel is relevant to your submission, such as background, lived experience, or communities that you are a part of.

2) A 250-750 Word Contextualizing Statement about the work which includes any information required to fully engage with the work, as well as your reasons for submitting specifically to Feature Creep, and how you feel the work fits into the Hypermodern Horror genre, or one of the above mentioned themes.

3) Contact information, including an email address, name (if submitting as a group or collective, please include both the group name and the individual names of each member) as well as any other relevant information, such as your pronouns.

Creators at all levels of experience are welcome to submit. Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to facilitate submissions written in English. Works in any/all languages will still be considered for presentation however.

Submissions are due by JULY 31st, 2023. Please include the words ‘Dream Museum’ in the subject line of your application email.

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. Finished application packages can be sent to the email address below, with the subject line ‘Submission’:


Information included in submission packages will remain completely confidential, and will not be sold, shared or otherwise used for any purpose outside of the submission process. This includes email addresses, which will not be used for any promotional purposes. Any works submitted will remain the sole property of their creators, and will not be shared, reproduced or otherwise exhibited without the express permission of their creators. At the request of the submitter, all submission materials will be permanently deleted. There are no application fees required to submit.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by email, whether or not their submission is accepted. Upon request, feedback on submissions will also be provided, however such requests may take several weeks to fulfill. If accepted, the next steps towards presentation on the site will be provided, including a timeline and the completion of a short Creator Agreement. All works which are presented on the site will remain the sole property of their creator(s) and will be edited or removed at any time upon request. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot afford to offer creator fees or other compensation for submitted works.

Any enquiries about the submission process can be sent to the email address below:


Full SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: https://featurecreep.net/Call.html

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