FLORÌDA Art Residency

Florìda is pleased to invite all artists over 18 to apply for a residency during June 2024 in the fascinating cultural scene of Genoa, Italy. With the aim of carrying out artistic production and research within an independent cultural space, dedicated to the promotion and creation of contemporary art. DOWNLOAD THE  OPEN CALL>

All applications must be submitted before 15 April 2024 using this form.

Florida promotes the LOOK OVER THE EDGE residency project, inviting two artists or cultural professionals (A&CPs) to explore the concept of “edge.”  The concept of edge is understood in this project not only as a limit or a border, but as the focal point where transformation and change begin, and it can be explored through various art practices according to the expertise of the A&CPs. This idea resonates deeply with the background of Florìda, located in a central but little-known area of Genoa’s historic center, where social contrasts and migration flows are stratified. Meanwhile, the neighborhood finds itself on the edge of significant changes such as the promotion of an urban space redevelopment and its possible gentrification and commercial speculation. From this perspective, the edge is a physically blurred locus where economic, social and cultural interests intersect. A place for fluctuating communities to measure and experiment with transformation and its tangible manifestations of change.
The residency aims to facilitate meaningful artistic experiences that prompt critical thinking, strengthen the inclusive cultural context and seeks to foster innovation through unexplored ideas. Selected artists will be encouraged to explore the dynamics and concepts mentioned above through their artistic practices, generating works that can help reflect on the tensions and potential for transformation within transitional areas.

The proposed project does not require a connection to the local area however it must still resonate strongly with the proposed theme to provide an interesting view of the LOOK OVER THE EDGE concept and generate new ideas and discussions with the local community.
LOOK OVER THE EDGE residency project is an European-funded project under the Creative Europe program.


Florìda is a cultural space located in the old Jewish Ghetto in Genoa’s historic center. It is an experimental project that aims to promote social and urban development through the tools of art, co-creation, and international artistic mobility. The goal is to enhance new lifestyles and enjoyment of the territory by counteracting the tendency of its inhabitants to abandon the historic center, with a particular focus on young people. The association hosts artists in residence, organizes exhibitions, and facilitates artistic collaborations to strengthen the local social and creative network, believing that artistic practice is an opportunity for contamination and enrichment for all parties involved. Since 2023, Florìda has hosted ten artists in residence, realized three international exhibitions, three artistic residencies for Academy students, and five ‘Small Talks’, a free and open dinner formula animated by a dialogue on artistic practices and contemporary cities. The association has also collaborated with several organizations and cultural institutions operating in the historic center of Genoa.


We would like to select two artists for a one-month residency from 1 to 30 June.

Applicants acknowledge that they will be requested to stay in Genoa for the full duration of the residency. If selected, applicants agree to book travel tickets in time to begin their stay in Florìda on the agreed-upon dates. We highly encourage participants to prioritize using environmentally friendly transportation when traveling to Genova.


Participating artists and cultural professionals must be aged 18+ and legally residing in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries, except Italy where the residency program is based. Applicants can have the same nationality in which the residency project is implemented as long as they legally reside in a different country.

It includes: Albania, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, and Ukraine. Including their Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and Outermost Regions (ORs) of the European Union: Greenland (Denmark), French Polynesia (France), New Caledonia (France), Saint Barthelemy (France), St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), Wallis and Futuna Islands (France), Aruba (The Netherlands), Bonaire (The Netherlands), Curaçao (The Netherlands), Saba (The Netherlands), Sint Maarten (The Netherlands), Sint Eustatius (The Netherlands) French Guiana (France), Guadeloupe (France), Martinique (France), Mayotte (France), Reunion Island (France), Saint- Martin (France), Azores (Portugal), Madeira (Portugal), Canary Islands (Spain).

Application to the residency is open to all artists and practitioners Active in the following cultural and creative sectors Active in the following cultural and creative sectors: land art, visual arts, sculpture anthropology, performance new media, digital art, curated photography and video art.
Each selected participant must be present for the entire duration of the residency project.
Dialogue and exchange of knowledge is crucial to us, so knowledge of English or Italian is required.


It is possible to apply for the LOOK OVER THE EDGE Art Residence project through this link until April 15, 2024 at 11.59 pm CET.

All materials and documents must be completed in English, including the application, project description and residency report. However, the language proficiency level are not considered in the project evaluation. During the application phase, in addition to providing various information, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • One short Artist Bio per applicant/group member, max 1000 characters. 
  • An artistic/creative portfolio showcasing at least five recent projects. It includes examples of personal creations, projects, ideas, etc. 
  • CV
  • Project Proposal: A 2500-character proposal that addresses the concept of LOOK OVER THE EDGE and describes the direction of the proposed work, your practice and why a residency here in Genoa is important to you or your project. You can also upload a one-page file to include more details or some images related to the proposed project. 
  • Proof of legal residence (National Identity Card or Passport; refugee or humanitarian protection status; residence permit, in png or jpg format) 


We invite artists to present themselves and their work to the local community. The residency also offers the possibility to teach a public workshop and perform or make an exhibition during the residency. However, all of the above are optional, and we will discuss this matter with every artist personally. We expect the artists to leave the Florìda premises as clean and tidy as they found them. Working material must be disposed of. The works created during the residency will remain with the artist. Florìda is not a commercial gallery and cannot make sales during the residency. Artists who intend to sell their works will be responsible for the selling process.


The application is free.
Florìda offers accommodation for the duration of the residency, a mobility grant to cover travel costs and a daily allowance of €25 for a total of €750.

The mobility grant is calculated based on travel distance, fixed amount for round-trip, with a maximum of 350€. The travel distances are calculated from the place of residence of each A&CP to the place of destination (one way).  

  This amount may be complemented with a green-mobility top-up, a fixed amount of 350€ for round-trip, to encourage sustainable ways of traveling. Only available for distances from 600 km (one way).   

Moreover top-ups are available for particular needs (visa expenses, travel from overseas territories, parents practitioners, and persons with disabilities).

Creative Europe will determine the final amount of the grant once A&CPs are selected and all data confirmed ( actual dates of residence, city of residence, which must be the mandatory starting point of the trip and means of transportation) 

The residency offers mentorshipcuratorial support as well as different relations and networking possibilities in the city.

We are happy to assist artists seeking grants or other forms of additional funding in their home country/institution by providing letters of recommendation once the candidature is accepted.


The following are prerequisites for the evaluation of the project proposal:

  • Reception application through the form before the deadline.
  • Full documentation and attachments.
  • Conformity with the Requirements.
  • Interested A&CPs are required to apply through a dedicated form that requests:
  • Motivational letter explaining the approach to the proposed research topic (8 points out of 20)
  • CV (3/20)
  • Portfolio (5/20)
  • General sustainability of their artistic practice or proposed project (4/20). 

After the first round, selected candidates will be contacted for an online interview and scored from 1 to 10. 

Priority will be given to selecting underrepresented categories (women, ethnic minorities, people from disadvantaged social classes) if the scores are equal. 

Based on this evaluation, two A&CPs will be selected and the names of the final participants will be published on the Florìda website. 

Proposals will be evaluated by a professional jury composed of the Florìda team and cultural partners, ensuring the quality and impartiality of the selection process.

Cover letter:
– motivation behind the interest in the issues promoted by LOOK OVER THE EDGE
– relevance of the residency in the path that the artist is pursuing
– interest and willingness to participate in the events of openness and dialogue with the host territory

– course of study
– experiences carried out in the artistic and experimental field

– Relevance and quality of at least three recent projects 

– consideration will be given to how artistic practice or any proposed project to be developed at LOOK OVER THE EDGE includes reuse and zero-impact practice or how environmental impact is approached within the creation by the artist.


The studio space comprises working and exhibition areas, a design lab, a workshop, an office space, a kitchen, and a restroom. It is designed to be a flexible system that can be adapted to the needs of different guests, creating opportunities to rethink and personalize the space based on different kinds of projects and practices. The studio and its equipment, including tools and utensils, are free and accessible 24/7 for the A&CPs. Members of the host association will be present throughout the residency, sharing the workspace: in addition to the mentor, they will be available to support the A&CPs in case of need during the residency period, including support and recommendations on administrative and logistic issues. Florìda also offers connection and access to some public and private archives or guided museum visits with experts if needed for research.


Florìda collaborates with an accommodation facility about 50 meters from the studio, in the heart of the Medieval ghetto. It provides three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, a breakfast corner, a shared living room, and a laundry. This structure is very relevant to Florìda’s project because it involves a family of neighborhood residents who run it and support sustainable territorial development in contrast to mass tourism. The proximity of the structure to the studio, the beauty of its spaces, and above all, the fact that the artists can live in the ghetto, experiencing the neighborhood and enriching it with their presence, are the criteria that led the hosts to choose this accommodation partner for the project.

The project promotes the participation of A&CPs with disabilities. The studio is located in a ground-floor space and guarantees accessibility for people with mobility impairments. The Association has worked on reducing architectural barriers to ensure access to almost all spaces. In case of selection of A&CPs with mobility impairments, the choice of accommodation will shift to a barrier-free apartment situated just 800 mt from the studio.



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