F(r)iction Writing Contests – Spring 2023

The competition is organized by F(r)iction, a literary journal published by Brink Literacy Project.

For full Submission Guidelinesplease read the information on our Submittable page carefully. And please visit our formatting guidelines page to properly format your work for submission.

An insider tip for you all: We seek work that actively pushes boundaries, that forces us to question traditions and tastes. If your work takes risks, we want to read it. We like strong narratives that make us feel something and stories we haven’t seen before. To get an idea of the kind of work we look for, please check out this page from our editors detailing what we look for in our submissions.

Results: Announced September 6, 2023
Guest Judges: Jennifer Wortman, Exodus Oktavia Brownlow, Charlie Claire Burgess and Kyle Carrero Lopez
Categories: Short Story, Creative Nonfiction, Flash Fiction, and Poetry

 We accept work, written in English, from anywhere in the world—regardless of genre, style, or origin—and welcome speculative writing and experimental literature. Strange is good. Strange with a strong character arc is even better. Keep it weird, folks.

There are four catregories:

• Short Story: 1,001 – 7,500 words. Judge: Jennifer Wortman.
• Creative Nonfiction: up to 6,500 words. Judge: Charlie Claire Burgess.
• Poetry: up the three pages per poem. Judge: Kyle Carrero Lopez.
• Flash Fiction: up to 1,000 words per piece. Judge: Exodus Oktavia Brownlow.

Entry fees
Short Story: $15
Flash Fiction: $10 (single entry) / $12 (3 pack)
Poetry: $10 (single entry) / $12 (3 pack)
Creative Nonfiction: $15

Short Story: 1st prize receives $1,000
Flash Fiction: 1st prize receives $300
Poetry: 1st prize receives $300
Creative Nonfiction:  1st prize receives $1,000

Deadline: 27 April 2023

website: F(r)iction Contests – F(r)iction (frictionlit.org)

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