FuturArc Prize 2024: Architecture for Life After


FUTURARC PRIZE (FAP) 2024 asks entrants to propose architectural solutions for the continuation of life after either ONE or BOTH of the following scenarios:

A) Climate Destruction: Any significant/extreme climate-related disasters triggered by hydrometeorological (e.g., floods, storms, heat waves) or climatological (e.g., droughts, wildfires) causes.

Consider how the current year’s heatwaves have broken historic records around the world, with scientists postulating that it is Earth’s hottest-ever climate in at least 120,000 years. The reality of a global-scale climate disaster is not far off—in fact, large-scale ones have long affected vulnerable populations. How can architecture respond to this?

B) Endings: The end of lifespans—be it of humans; non-human species; ecosystems such as forests, coral reefs, drylands; etc., due to famine, disease, massive extraction, etc.

All living beings perish. Current methods of treating expired matter tend to be carbon-intensive or require much land, a resource that is scarce. At the urban level, facilities such as graveyards/crematoriums are still negatively perceived. Can the end of life, for humans or ecosystems, be handled in a way that brings hope and renewal for the future?

Proposals must contain the following:

  1. WHERE: Pick a site located in Asia. The site area should be a maximum of 5 hectares (50,000 square metres). The site may be your current place of residence or any place that you are familiar with.
  2. WHICH: Choose which scenario/s (either A) Climate Destruction or B) Endings or both) will be addressed based on the selected site:
  • If A), define and detail what is the climate disaster that would affect the selected site context. Intense heat? Extreme drought? Earth covered in sea water?
  • If B), specify the context of endings. Is it that of lifespans of humans, non-humans or ecosystems?

Based on your choice, explain the ways it affects the site’s context in terms of physical/spatial conditions; community/population conditions; socioeconomic conditions; and ecological/natural conditions.

  1. WHAT: is the proposed sustainable architectural solution? These solutions may be new builds or adapt to existing buildings, and can be of any typology.
  2. HOW: is the solution to be applied and carried out.

FuturArc Prize 2024 is open internationally to any individual or team, student or professional.

Up to SGD20,500 cash prizes to be won!

Key Dates

  • 7 September 2023: Registration & submission start
  • 9 February 2024: Registration & submission end
  • End March to April 2024: Results & individual notification
  • May to June 2024: Awards*

Participants are invited to join as a solo entrant or in teams of up to 5 people. Solo entrants or team leaders must have an architecture background.

For the full brief, please visit the official website: FuturArc Prize 2024 | FuturArc

No Entry Fee!

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