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Generator is a co-operative art production fund created by Experimenter in collaboration with its artists and friends. The fund awards several production bursaries of varying amounts through the year towards the realisation of artists’ projects. Open to all visual artists, irrespective of medium of practice. There are no limitations concerning age, nationality or provenance of the applicant. If you are a visual artist and have a project that needs a stimulus of funds for completion or need seed funding or basic financial support that will help you continue your practice, please see the link below and apply online.

BRIEF:Open call for visual artists to apply for varying amounts towards the realisation of the artists’projects. The fund is open to support a range of contemporary artistic positions or other requirementsto enable artistic production.

GRANT AMOUNT: Generator art production funds are bursaries aimed to assist and bridge need-gaps in artistic production. Grant amounts awarded will be between USD 500 and USD 2000. An artist can only receive one bursary a year.

CRITERIA: The proposed application, proposed use of the bursary and correlation between the artistic principles of the artist and the way in which it is expressed in the work or project will be considered. Conceptual, formal, and contextual characteristics of the work or project proposed will be taken into consideration.

DATES: Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. Applications will be reviewed and replied to within 90 days from the date of application received. Successful applications will be disbursed the agreed funds within 30 days.

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