Genius Loci Weimar Video Mapping Festival 

This year’s international competition for video mapping and façade projections starts in summer 2024. All information about the competition building, the timetable and the conditions can be found here:


“It feels like 5 to 33.”

Genius Loci Weimar has already staged the Goethe House, the Bauhaus Museum, the German National Theatre, the former Gauforum and many other places from Weimar’s remarkable and glowing past. In late summer, from August 30 to September 1, 2024, one of Weimar’s most internationally renowned sites, the Buchenwald memorial erected on Etterbsberg in 1958 and visible from afar, will be illuminated for three days.

During this festival weekend, state elections will be held in several federal states, including Thuringia. Some of the parties that are ahead in the poll feature a rhetoric that does not stop at using SA slogans. But it is not only in Thuringia, but throughout Europe, if not worldwide, that shrill populism and under-complex egoism are on the rise. Not entirely unaffected by current social and political events, Genus Loci, Weimar and Thuringia – on these days and from this location – is therefore sending an urgent and unmissable message not to lose sight of the past and even less of the future.

The audio, light and video installations stage the architecture and objects of the memorial, but also attempt to break up the monumental tectonics to a certain extent and draw attention back to the people, the individuals. One of the main themes is a conscious, responsible and sustainable culture of remembrance: what is needed is less embarrassed silence and more sincere, loudly audible sympathy. A call for empathy, lived plurality and the courage to engage in discourse for a decisive, public position.


All interested artists have until 29.05.2024 to submit their concept ideas for this year’s three locations. One concept idea for each building/object will be awarded a prize by the jury. A budget of €10,000 is available for the realization of each winning submission (for three objects €10,000 each, i.e. a total of €30,000). As part of the festival in late summer 2024, the winning submissions will be presented on the three objects/buildings.

A strong concept is based on historical awareness, architectural understanding, power of abstraction and imagination, narrative talent and a clear view of the situation on site. Our team can provide support with the technical implementation during the festival, so professional knowledge of video mapping technology is not a mandatory requirement for participation in the competition. In addition to classic video mappings, new styles and compositions are also very welcome. For example, 3D animations, elements from animated, real and short films and illustrative techniques such as drawing, silhouettes, stop motion etc. are all conceivable. Last year, we also received exciting submissions in a wide variety of styles and genres. You can get an impression of the submissions from previous years here.


Content criteria

An innovative design in the form of an audiovisual video mapping with special consideration of the genius loci. An individual, original and sophisticated approach to the spirit of the location in terms of the history and architecture of the place, the people who worked there and historical events that have left visible and invisible traces. An exciting dramaturgical and narrative concept for a five-minute video work.

Design criteria

An expression of individual visual and dramaturgical styles in the development of the concept. A deliberate omission of erratic gimmicks, obtrusive clichés and unreflected historical retelling.

Download PDF Call 2024


1. Download PDF Call 2024.

2. Register on our website and fill in all the required information (Registration is only required for submission and will be activated from 15.5.2024).

3. Don’t forget to download the animation pack! You will find important guide lines, the building mask and 3D-Models of the competition buildings inside.

4. Apply by submitting your work.

The closing date is Wednesday, the 29th of May 2024, 23:59 CET.

Further questions can be sent to us via e-mail: info[at] you will find the answers in the FAQ.

We look forward to your application!

Due to the historical and cultural significance of the site, the awarding authority reserves the right to announce a second round of the competition or to commission third parties with the productions if the first round of the competition does not achieve satisfactory results.

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