Hayama Artist Residency

Hayama is a town in Kanagawa Prefecture, on central Honshū, Japan. It is located at the northern end of Miura Peninsula, facing Sagami Bay on the Pacific Ocean. For context, it is about a 1.5 hour drive from Hayama to Tokyo. Hayama has an estimated population of 33,000 people. The area has a temperate maritime climate with short cool winters and hot humid summers. Since 1894, the Japanese Imperial Family has maintained a residence in Hayama, the seaside Hayama Imperial Villa.

Flights and Accommodations

If you are selected for the residency, you will receive a roundtrip flight to Narita International Airport (Narita) or Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), shared accommodations with one other artist-in-residence for 4 weeks, and a weekly allotment of $200 USD for meals and local transportation. Upon arrival in Japan, you will be met at the airport by a member of our staff and escorted to transportation that will bring you to your accommodations at hôtel ami hayama.

Your Time During the Residency

Although there will be several scheduled events and programs during your stay, including the artist-in-residence exhibition, the primary purpose of the residency is to give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in various aspects of Japanese culture and to meet artists, curators and gallery owners in Japan. Artists are not required to create new work during the residency. We want you to have ample time to reflect on your career and plan for the future in a calm, nurturing environment.

Your Exhibition

A key component of Hayama Artist Residency is a group exhibition during your stay to highlight your work and that of the other participating artists. We have partnered with KOKI ARTS, a contemporary art gallery located in Bakurocho, an art district in Tokyo, to host the residency exhibition. If you are accepted into the residency, our curatorial team and the director of KOKI ARTS will coordinate the selection of your work, a consignment agreement, shipping and insurance.

Due to the collaborative nature of a group exhibition, inherent space limitations, and the costs we’ll incur for international shipping, it is important that you are willing to work cooperatively with us throughout this process.

Selection Committee

Your application will be reviewed by our director and Selection Committee – a cohort of international curators and arts professionals.

Our 2024 Selection Committee:

Adam Green, Founder, Adam Green Art Advisory

Koki Ishibashi, Founder / Director, KOKI ARTS (Tokyo) 

Rebeca Laliberte, Co-Founder & Director of Future Fair

Justine Ludwig, Executive Director, Creative Time

Rachel Mijares Fick, Co-Founder & Director of Future Fair

Larry Ossei-Mensah, Independent Curator

Dexter Wimberly, Founder and Director, Hayama Artist Residency 

Future Opportunities

The application fee for the 2024 residency is transferable to the following year. In other words, if you are not awarded the residency this time around and decide to apply again next year, your 2nd application fee will be waived. We believe this is a fair and equitable approach to the application process. This 2nd year application fee waiver applies to first-time applicants only.

Please note that applicants returning for the 2nd time will still be required to submit a new application for the residency, but there will be no fee.

Website link: https://www.hayamaresidency.com/about

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