IBA OPEN CALL – The Posthuman Body

IBA OPEN CALL - The Posthuman Body

The International Body of Art, London is excited to open submissions for our upcoming event, The Posthuman Body. This will be an immersive and interactive show, with a live audience in person and an interactive online live stream. For this opportunity, we ask artists to consider what does the body in the contemporary age mean to you? Where is it, why is it, how is it? How is it isolated, or how is it extended?

International Body of Art are excited to open submissions to our upcoming exhibition. Dealing with the pertinent topic of the Posthuman body, we ask artists to consider: 

What does the contemporary body mean to you?

What does it represent? How is it changed, mediated, and stagnated within the contemporary age? How is it connected, or isolated? How might hyperconnectivity and new technologies have changed our relationships to bodies? 

This will be single evening event, most likely on the 5/7/23. We are focused on performance and installation art to create a full, discursive, and engaging show in collaboration with our artists. The event will be live, and documented online through an interactive live stream. 

– Opportunity to show work in a central London space.
– Inclusion in marketing strategies.
– Opportunity to present work for sale to a wide audience if desired.
– Artist profile and statement represented on our social media and website.

Any questions please feel welcome to email april@iba.art

Deadline 25 June 2023

Apply form: IBA OPEN CALL – The Posthuman Body (google.com)

Website link: IBA.art

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