IEFC-EXP 2024 International Experimentation Residency

Between December 1 and 31, 2023, we open the call to anyone interested in being part of the IEFC-EXP 2024 International Experimentation Residency . It will be held during the 10 days prior to the  Experimental Photo Festival , from July 13 to 23, 2024, and we invite participants to stay at the festival to share your experience.

During their stay, each of the residents will have one day to do a theoretical-practical workshop where they can explain an experimental technique that they know to the rest of the group. The residency aims to generate a small horizontal community of collaborative learning where 8 different techniques can be worked on and not a space where each participant works individually on her personal projects. It will conclude with a collective exhibition on the process of learning the different techniques, and not the results, which will be held on the ground floor of the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya .

The residence

  • It will be directed and coordinated by  Célica Véliz  who will be with the group during the ten days;
  • will have 8  participants knowledgeable in 8 different techniques;
  • Accommodation will be at the Colegio Mayor Penyafort-Montserrat in individual rooms;
  • In the mornings at school we will do the theoretical part of the workshops and in the afternoons we will be in the laboratory and a room at the IEFC with the practical part;
  • On the first day, we will have a presentation and viewing of portfolios with Pablo Giori;
  • The exchanges will be mixed between English and Spanish and it is important that participants can speak both languages ​​fluently.

To apply you have to send

  • a workshop proposal with a theoretical part of 2 hours and a practical part of 4 hours;
  • a list of the necessary materials with prices for 8 people and  space requirements;
  • If selected, make a payment  of 500  euros (which can be paid in monthly installments).

If you are selected, the residency includes

  • 10 days of accommodation with breakfast included;
  • all the materials for the workshops and the exhibition;
  • a free ticket to the festival without workshops (costing 100 euros). If the artist chooses to repeat his/her workshop during the festival, as compensation, he/she will be granted free entry to another workshop valued at 80 euros.;
  • the official merchandising: bag, t-shirt and photobooks;
  • participation in an exhibition and a conference on the residency.

The residence does not include

  • Accommodation during the Experimental Photo Festival (can take place  at the same location);
  • meals (except breakfast) or transportation of the participant;
  • other personal expenses.

The selection of the residents will be carried out by the management of the Experimentalphotofestival Association and its coordinator, Célica Véliz, and is unappealable and final. The results will be communicated individually by email starting February 15.  To be definitively accepted, those selected will have to sign a contract with the conditions stated here and the transfer of image rights.

The payment of 500 euros for the residence is used to cover accommodation (330  euros), materials (30 euros) and bank and platform fees (30 euros) and taxes of 21% (110 euros). The director’s salary is paid by the Experimentalphotofestival Association thanks to a public subsidy.

To register, you must download the form (1), and then submit the application (2) with the following information:

1. the text of your biography of between 250 and 500 words; 

2. a PDF dossier about your work;

3. a selection of 10 images of your work in JPG (10 MB maximum);

4. the form with the workshop proposal in PDF with the list and estimated price of the materials for 8 people and the characteristics of the required space;

5. a high quality portrait in JPG.



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