International Artists Residency Exchange

This flexible residency is for artists who are seeking a program for numerous artistic and personal reasons. One can stay, take private lessons, a workshop, or have a pause in travels, and create. The goal is expansion in all ways. All arts are welcome.

The IaRex l’Atelier, located in France’s Var region, is nestled in the port town of beautiful Saint-Raphaël, and is near several other exciting places: the historic port town of Fréjus with its Roman ruins, the Côte d’Azur and a mountainous area called l’Esterel and the Gorge du Verdun, where hikers, bikers and nature lovers thrive. Beach lovers will also be in sandy heaven, gazing at the red rocks and the intense azure skies of the Mediterranean.

Artists are free to stretch out and explore as they create. It’s easy to forget the practicalities offered, like plenty of parking, nearby hardware store, organic market, two supermarkets, and bakeries within a 5-minute walk. The bus stop is on the corner, as the studio is in a quiet, industrial/artisanal area where artists feel safe. If you want more focused studies, private lessons as well as individually-designed programs are available.

How to Get Here

It is easy, with Nice being the closest, and second largest, airport in France. By car it is 1h15m to Nice, 1h to Antibes, 45 minutes to Cannes, 1h2 to St. Tropez with many charming villages in between. The train station is in the center of Saint-Raphaël, with a direct train (TGV) to and from Paris. The outdoors are easily accessible, by car and bicycle, as are the main cities, by train. One can fly anywhere to explore other countries, while having a base in France. The links section has a links for car, bicycle and motorcycles rentals. Easy Jet is the least expensive, and recommended, airlines to travel within France.


Artists have more control over their accommodation and comfort with the availability of recommended AirBnB’s located close to the studio. There is high availability from September to June, with the average monthly studio apartment rental of 700-900 euros. The policy for AirBnB is to not display precise addresses. But the list of accommodations are all close to the studio., le Bon, and Facebook Marketplace are other sources of accommodations. The extended amount of time will allow people to become comfortable in the town, explore the variety of activities, other villages, and create a body of work in a relaxed atmosphere. My goal is that people will exchange their creative process and enjoy working with other artists.

There are outdoor farmers markets as well as antique and art markets. Everytown has the market days listed on their website. Within a five minute walk from the studio, there are 3 super markets ( SuperU, Casino and Aldi), 1 organic market (Marcel et Fils) , 2 boulangeries, a hardware store (Weldom), pharmacy, and a special frozen food store(Picard).

Why exchange?? Exchange is the central theme. Exchange in conversation, learning process, exchange with another culture, and the internal exchange that happens as we develop our artwork. This is an opportunity to work with other artists, exchange ideas, develop new relationships, network, have new influences, experiment, and explore other aspects of creativity and ideas. For a group experience, there is the opportunity for creating memories, sharing inspirations, and the development of relationships.

The program is flexible,1 week to 3 months, with preference, and price-break, for longer stays. Groups are encouraged. The studio is fully equipped with 1 large high-fire electric kiln, wheels, tables, tools, underglazes, glaze making materials and a clear glaze. Other arts can be accommodated. We can create a space for exhibition as work develops. Four clays are available to purchase prior to arrival, and all subsequent visits to suppliers can be arranged.

All artists have available assistance in any area they need. Artists are free to work at their leisure.

Private lessons and individually designed courses are available for an additional charge. Clay and firings are sold separately.

Application Process

Residency Application

See Contact Page to send your message or questions! Contact

Residencies of 1 week to 3 months are available. There is a price break for the 2 and 3 Month Residency. For ceramic residency a 3 week residency is suggested as a minimum to complete work to be able to ship.

For all Residencies, please send the following:

  • A brief statement of intention
  • Resume/ CV
  • 4-6 images or website
  • Requested dates

Group – If applying as a group: brief statement of request/intention, with members names, 4 images or website and Requested dates

Weekly residency: Send me your request or idea and requested dates

There is a price break for the 2- and 3- Month Residency

Structured Program Private lessons:

The structured program is available to all levels of ceramic students. The prices are for an individually designed structure practice for 2 weeks, which has the possibility of expanding to 4 weeks. Included is the use of the studio to practice. Clay is purchased separately.

  • 2-week Beginner’s course
  • 2-week course for intermediate and advanced
  • Month long program available

Deposit fee required within 10 days of acceptance notification

Monthly fee required 1 month in advance of start-date

Weekly program fee due prior to start date as scheduled

3-Month program fee – first month due 1 month prior to start date – monthly payments for the consecutive months.

Deposits are refundable 2 months prior to start date minus 10% fee for Residency Programs only



  • Week: 175€
  • 1 Month: 600€
  • 2 Months: 550€ / 1100€ Total
  • 3 Months: 450€ / 1350€ Total
  • 4 or more group rate (1 month): 500€ per month per person

Monthly payment due 1-month prior for all programs
Deposit: 100€ Deposit due 1 months prior to start date to secure space

Workshops — priced individually

  • All fees for all workshops are due 2 months prior to the workshop start date. A deposit of 300€ is required at the time of sign up
  • Monthly payments are accepted for Workshops only.
  • When you come to the IaRex l’Atelier for a workshop, you are welcomed to stay for 1 extra week for a reduced price of 125€ a week
  • Refunds available for workshop, minus a 20% fee, 2 months prior to workshop start date.

Structured Program Price

  • 2-week Beginner’s course – 600€ 2.5h private instruction,3 days a week
  • 2-week course for intermediate and advanced- 500€ – 1.5h private instruction,3 days a week


  • 3 months maximum
  • 1 week minimum


  • Individually purchased – clays: TerraCotta, Spanish Black clay, White stoneware, Limoges Porcelain
  • Underglazes to test – included
  • Clear glaze to test – included.
  • All materials to be purchased upon arrival

Firing Prices

  • High Fire – cone 5-9: 100€
  • Bisque – cone 4: 65€
  • ½ and ¼ kilns available

Bring your favorite tools or ship them in advance!

Need Instruction?
50€ by the hour

Need other materials?
Email me! I’m here to help!

Hours and Key
9h – 23h
Key deposit: 15€

Please wear headphones

Direct sales between artist and buyer – no commission

Painters and other 2D, non-ceramic artists

1 month 475€

2 months 455€ – 910€

3 months 435€ – 1305€

Website link:

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