Kone Foundation Grants

Kone Foundation Grants

We award grants for academic research, the arts, and for projects which combine scholarly and artistic approaches. We also organize thematic grant calls, which aim to draw attention to current themes in academic and cultural life. The next annual grant call will be held 1–15 September, 2024.

Kone Foundation grants can be applied for:

  • academic research in the humanities, social sciences, environmental sciences and artistic research
  • professional artistic work in all fields of art
  • multidisciplinary work in the above-mentioned fields of art and research
  • promotion of academic and/or artistic work in the above-mentioned fields (e.g. a project developing the field) 
  • promotion and dissemination of academic and/or artistic work in the above-mentioned fields (e.g., research popularisation, artistic outreach, events and publications)
  • other cultural work; but this is rarely funded

An individual, a working group or a legal entity can apply for a grant from Kone Foundation. If you’re applying as a legal entity, you need to have a Finnish business ID. If the applicant is a working group or legal entity, the group members must choose a project leader from among themselves to be responsible for submitting the application.

To receive funding, projects must have a connection to Finland. In general, Kone Foundation’s grants are intended for:

• Finns, for work carried out in Finland or abroad

• foreigners, for work carried out in Finland

• foreigners, for project work that includes participants based in Finland

The following application processes apply criteria that differ from above:

If the work to be done is not artistic or academic, one should apply for a grant to pay salary expenses.  

The topic of the project applied for can be freely chosen, as long as the discipline belongs to the fields funded by the Foundation. A grant from Kone Foundation must be used for the purpose for which it is awarded.

Application form and the online grant service

Apply for funding by submitting your application and attachments using the Online Grant Service. The service is open during the annual application period in September. Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline.

This section includes guidelines for using the Online Grant Service. Please read these instructions carefully before filling out and submitting your application. Once you are logged in, detailed information about the different sections of the application form can be found behind the ‘?’ symbol. The application form can be accessed only when the call is open.

The amount of the personal monthly grant varies, depending on the stage of your career.

Grant classifications for the grant call 2023 onwards are:

  • Grant 1: early career applicants and those working on their doctoral thesis €2,700/month (€32,400/year)
  • Grant 2: mid-career applicants (min. 10 years of artistic work) and those working at the post-doctoral level €3,200/month (€38,400/year)
  • Grant 3: late-career applicants (min. 20 years of artistic work) and experienced researchers (e.g., adjunct professor level, ‘dosentti’ in the Finnish academic system) €3,800/month (€45,600/year).

If you are applying for monthly grant 2 or 3, please describe your career phase.

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