KUNSTRAUM Gallery Call For Curator & Artist

KUNSTRAUM Gallery Call For Curator & Artist

We have 2 OPEN CALL announcements!


Application Deadline: October 15, 2023

The CIR residency will start on February 1st, 2024.
KUNSTRAUM is a community of artists for artists that aims to redefine the collaboration between artists and curators. For the 2023-24 Curator-in-Residence, we are seeking a freelance curator with an innovative and ambitious vision who thrives on bringing their own concepts, creative freedom, and voice to the KUNSTRAUM gallery, and who is interested in working in an established artist-run gallery. CIR’s mission is to bring a unique curatorial perspective to the program in order to promote their curatorial practice to the New York art world by organizing engaging exhibitions and events.

The CIR residency will start on February 1st, 2024. 

The CIR’s role is to lead KUNSTRAUM’s programming for a consultancy period of 12 months. During the residency, they have the opportunity to present their independent position through three curated exhibitions – KUNSTRAUM’s annual Open Call exhibition and the annual Members’ Exhibition, followed by the CIR Show – an exhibition of their own. In addition, CIR supports projects by guest curators with the help of the KUNSTRAUM team. A budget of $5000 is provided for CIR’s exhibition. The CIR is expected to leverage existing relationships with the press, foundations, art fairs, curators, and collectors to provide additional support and resources for the CIR exhibition. The annual KUNSTRAUM Open Call and Member’s Exhibition will be held in the KUNSTRAUM gallery space in Brooklyn. The CIR’s independent exhibition will be held in the Brooklyn space and at an additional Manhattan venue, using their own resources to find a venue for the exhibition, or they can reach out to Manhattan venues with an existing relationship with KUNSTRAUM – the next CIR show will be held at a LES gallery. Responsibilities of the CIR:  

  • Curate KR’s annual open call and members’ shows, one independent exhibition 
  • Oversee exhibitions by guest curators (if any, there are few)  
  • Organize one event per show as a walkthrough, interview, or panel
  • Manage openings from set-up to curatorial tours and sales  
  • Facilitate studio visits and communal events
  • Participate in the jury process for KUNSTRAUM’s open calls
  • With the support of KUNSTRAUM’s team, work on newsletter, press, social media, installation/de-installation, showings, invite visiting arts professionals


  • Experience in curating, producing exhibitions and public programs  
  • Knowledge of art history and contemporary art topics
  • Experience writing, proofreading copy for art audiences 
  • Ability to work both independently and coordinate with our team  
  • Hands-on organizer, meet deadlines, oversee with foresight 
  • Excellent communication, follow-up skills and attention to detail 
  • Ability to lift and handle artwork  
  • Self-driven, highly organized, smart time and resource management 
  • Freelance position, must have work authorization in the U.S.
  • Ability to consult for +/- 16 hrs per week 
  • Responsible for your own housing, commute, and travel expenses 

Compensation & Benefits: 

  • Monthly stipend of $1000  
  • Commissions on art sales  
  • 24/7 access to the space

Application Requirements:  

  • Contact information (first and last name, email, address, telephone) 
  • Work samples (curatorial website or portfolio of 10 pages, >5MB) 
  • Professional resume or CV 
  • Curatorial Statement (200 words): What is your vision for 12 months as the CIR of KUNSTRAUM? How do you plan to engage with our community and audiences?  What issues you are seeking to address through your practice?
  • Exhibition Proposal (250-500 words): Describe one specific project with 3-6 artists, ready to be shown or a curatorial project idea. Indicate the stage of the project. Do you have a Manhattan venue in mind or already confirmed, or would you prefer to work with a KUNSTRAUM partner? Include images, links to the artists’ websites, and an LOI from the venue (optional).
  • Writing sample, one published article or another writing sample (250-500 words)
  • Name, email, and telephone number of two professional references  

To Apply:  Please submit all materials through the Google Form here. A selection of candidates will be contacted for interviews in November 2023.


Application Deadline: October 15, 2023

Our Artist-in-Residency program offers three-month residencies for national and international artists on a quarterly cycle. In 2024 and 2025, the three-month residencies will take place from January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December, with multiple spots available for each period.

KUNSTRAUM is a community of artists by artists with the goal of redefining the collaboration between artists and curators. Through our program, we aim to explore the relationships between artists and curators by opening our gallery spaces to those interested in exploring unconventional, engaging ideas and taking risks.

Our Artist-in-Residency program offers three-month residencies for national and international artists on a quarterly cycle. In 2024 and 2025, the three-month residencies will take place from January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December, with multiple spots available for each period.

All resident artists are invited to pursue their independent projects, interact with our established community of artists, designers, and filmmakers, interact with the incoming artists and curators of our ongoing exhibition program, participate in the monthly studio visits, and exhibit in the Annual Members’ Show. To learn more about KUNSTRAUM, please visit our website and Instagram account.

Each Residency Includes:

  • A desk-sized studio in our partitioned lofts with 24/7 access (no living). The semi-private studios inside the large open lofts range from 49 to 89 square feet.
  • Access to our gallery space (4-5 exhibitions a year) and participation in our Annual Members’ Show, including studio visit, professional documentation and programming event
  • Sales opportunities during the show plus via an online gallery for the duration of 6 months after
  • An artist community with 19 members and more than 100 alumni to meet and share with
  • Monthly studio visits by 1-2 New York and international curators, gallerists, critics, and art advisors (see “About” on website for the list)
  • Studio Visit with our Curator-in-Residence and monthly salons with artist community Social media promotion and a feature of your work on our website
  • Access to our internal monthly newsletter, which includes news, events, an open call list with exhibition, grant, and residency opportunities
  • Community events in which all resident and member artists are invited to attend. These community events vary and include gallery openings, curator walkthroughs, discussions, salons, and open studios.

The studio spaces have 24/7 access with 13 ft. ceilings, a freight elevator, slop sink, secure Wi-Fi, and are meant to be used for non-toxic materials only–all painters work on a non-toxic basis. Blick Art Supply, hardware stores, post office, print shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and delis are just 1.5 blocks away, and Home Depot is as close as 10 blocks.

No living is included. The resident artist is responsible for finding their own living arrangements.


The residency fee is $700 per month for a 3-month term, with the following starting dates: 1/1/2024; 4/1/2024 7/1/2024; 10/1/2024; 1/1/2025; 4/1/2025; 7/1/2025; 10/1/2025

To Apply: Please submit all materials through the Google Form here by October 15, 2023. Please Include the following:

  • Statement of Motivation with starting date/s – 250 words
  • Residency plans – 250 words
  • Statement on private or public funding plan – 100 words
  • Portfolio with max. 10 pages with 10-20 images (no larger than 5 MB)
  • Optional: 2 links to 1-2 mins video excerpts (specify cue in and out)
  • CV with max, 5 pages
  • Links to website, Instagram, recent exhibition or press

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Website link: Opportunities | kunstraumllc

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