L’AiR Arts Atelier 11 ​Partner Residency

2025 Call for Partner Institutions

​In preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the historic Atelier 11 Cité Falguière, L’AiR Arts is inviting cultural, academic and arts institutions worldwide to become partners in this unique living heritage initiative by creating art residency opportunities for their candidates in Paris.

Established in 1875, Atelier 11 stands as the last surviving studio of the world’s longest-running international artists’ residency still in operation. Once a thriving L’École de Paris hub boasting home-ateliers of Gauguin, Foujita, Modigliani, Brancusi and Soutine, it hosted hundreds of French and international artists throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Recently recognized as a heritage site, Atelier 11 is scheduled to undergo rehabilitation to continue welcoming artists and cultural professionals as an International Arts Research Residency.

To celebrate the inclusive history of the École de Paris and to foster intercultural exchange, L’AiR Arts launches a global call for partner institutions interested in offering art residency opportunities for their candidates at Atelier 11 in Paris. Residents must receive support from one or more cultural partners who assume responsibility for covering the costs associated with the residency. 


Find out more about the terms and conditions of the partner residency program (FR & EN document)

Atelier 11 residency program is designed for artists and cultural professionals of all ages, from all countries and all creative disciplines who wish to develop their artistic research and/or project in Paris.

Two weeks to two months

Partner institution(s) help to offset the costs of upkeep and preservation of the historic Atelier 11 residency, while also creating a nurturing and productive environment for the residents. Atelier 11 residency offers two individual furnished living studios, communal work and exhibition space, research library and a meeting room with a fully equipped kitchen. The residency also provides programming, communications and event support based on individual project needs. In addition to contributing towards the residency program, partner institution(s) cover the cost of return travel and provide the resident with a living allowance; they also ensure that the resident has a visa allowing him/her to stay in France and insurance covering medical expenses and civil liability for the duration of the residency.

Discipline *

Architecture / Landscape / Urban planning, Visual Arts, Photography, Film, Digital Art, Art History and Heritage, Dance, Theatre, Literature, Music, Gastronomy, Fashion, Design, Art criticism and curating, Arts and Culture Management, Multidisciplinary, Other.

Applications for residencies starting in 2025 must be submitted via our online platform before September 20, 2024


Website link: https://www.lairarts.com/partner-residency.html

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