Lake Balaton Art Residency 2023

The Lake Balaton Art Residency is the main programme of our Foundation, organised for the first time in 2018. Our aim is to provide a high quality professional environment and a relaxed and calm atmosphere for the artists to realise their ideas. Over the years, we have hosted close to fifty talented artists. Each year, an independent professional jury is challenged by a large number of applications, to select the winning ones.

The residency programme and the creative work of the artists are supported by an established, successful contemporary Art Mentor. The Art Mentor is a facilitator and supporter, helping artists realise their own potential and ideas – if the artist wishes to take up the opportunity.

Full cost coverage for the selected artist.

  • Location: Szólád
  • Date: July 31 – August 13, 2023 (14 days)
  • Theme 1: Political correctness Everyone against everyone. Everything against/for everything. Together with each other, against each other, for each other
  • Theme 2: Joy and Enjoyment Personal joy and enjoyment. Personal gain at everyone’s expense / Everyone’s gain at your own expense.
  • Applicants: Hungarian, as well as foreign artists may apply for the open call. Applicants must have established independent artistic activity and be over the age of 18 to qualify for the call.
  • Application deadline: June 2, 2023 (Friday)
  • Feedback on the success of the application: June 9, 2023 (Friday)

Conditions of application:

  1. Short CV of the artist, with contact details and a list of their previous exhibitions, including links to the artist’s own website, Artsy or other professional profiles
  2. A digital portfolio of at least 5-15 good quality photographs from previous artworks
  3. The number and sizes of the planned works, a visual design, a sketch of the work, a drawing, related to the theme
  4. A brief description of the artist’s plan for the works to be created during the art residency (we do not expect a final plan, but rather inspiration and research direction)
  5. Acceptance of application conditions

The winners will be selected by an independent jury of artists and art historians. Maximum of 15 artists will be selected.

Website and Apply link: Art Residency 2023 – Dél-Balatoni Kortárs Alkotóműhely és Art Residency (

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