Landskrona Foto Festival 2024 Open Call

Landskrona Foto Festival has a long tradition of exhibiting photography in outdoor locations. We have previously exhibited in parks and squares, on shopfronts, in waterways and on buildings. It is important for us to bring photography outside of our culture institutions and closer to the local community. The outdoor installations can beautify public spaces, promote social cohesion and community building, stimulate economic development, provide educational opportunities, and encourage reflection.

This year there are no thematic limits – we are looking for photography projects on different topics to be presented outdoors. We welcome projects that can be presented on our existing structures but also new ideas. You can see some examples below of how we have previously presented outdoor projects during festivals.

What winners receive

  • Exhibition during Landskrona Foto Festival 6-22 September 2024.
  • Artistic fee 400 euro.
  • Reimbursement of travel costs up to 300 euro.
  • Accommodation during main opening weekend of the festival.
  • Landskrona Foto Festival will cover the production costs for the exhibition.

About Landskrona Foto Festival

Landskrona Foto Festival is organised by Landskrona Foto, the umbrella term used since 2013 to designate a centre for the photographic image, covering activities such as exhibitions, events and residencies. Our aim is to be a meeting place for photography – where the established and the experimental come together and stimulate the general public’s understanding of photography and its value to society.

This vision is expressed during 17 days in September 2024 when the 9th edition of Landskrona Foto Festival takes place. The festival embrace photography from the widest reaches of the globe and the exhibited works become part of the public space, visible in parks and shops, as well as in museums and galleries.

The festival has become an important meeting place for photography professionals with a large number of exhibitions, artist talks, dummy award, photobook days and much more.

Submission fee is 15 EUR per each submitted project.


Submission start: 20 October 2023

Submission deadline: 20 December 2023

Winner announcement: 1 February 2024

Apply link:

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