London Photography Awards 2023

An International Competition For Honouring
Photographers Whom Convey Their Creativity Via The Photographic Medium.

The London Photography Awards program celebrates, honours, and recognises excellence in photography worldwide, advocating those who bring ideas to life, with different techniques and creative approaches, whilst demonstrating the millennia-long history of The Swinging City and its advancing beauty.

This award recognises the diverse photographic styles that encapsulate the world, engendered from various industries throughout society, ranging from: publications to video, business services to scientic trades, as well as the art and photography industry themselves. What matters most is your individualistic creative vision and ability to transfer them into phenomenal works of art, that will be as long lasting as London’s history, enshrined for millennia to come.

The London Photography Awards 2023, competition organised by the International Awards Associate Inc (IAA), open to professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global level is now calling for entries!

The London Photography Awards recognises excellence in photography worldwide, advocating those who bring ideas to life.

Organiser wants to see the ever-thriving visual arts community grow from the view of their camera lens and share stories that will live on for decades to come.

The London Photography Awards aims to capture, celebrate, and retain the many talented photographers of all levels and genres with their timeless imagery and ingenuity.

The competition is open to all forms of photography taken up to 5 years from 2018, from commissioned, published, unpublished, and personal work from professional and photography aficionados.

The jury panel comprised of experienced professionals in their field and industry, including creative and art directors from international agencies, established photographers, photo editors, art collectors, educators or business owners from around the world, bringing industry knowledge and category-specific skill sets to evaluate every entry.


The London Photography Awards categories consist of London Photography, Architecture Photography, Black & White Photography, Commercial Photography, Editorial Photography, Fine Art Photography, Nature Photography, People Photography, and other special categories, such as Covid-19 Related Photography, Event Photography, Mobile Photography, etc.

Submission requirements

You can submit up to 10 images in JPEG and one PDF can be uploaded per entry. For easy results, ensure images are formatted as a flattened JPEG/JPG, 1,920px wide, 300 dpi, RGB, and no larger than 4MB. All photos must be taken with a mobile phone or tablet. The photos are not to be altered in Photoshop or any other desktop image processing programs. Add-on lenses can be used.

It is recommended for each written descriptions to be kept at approximately 350 words or less. Do utilise this section to elaborate on the piece as well as providing the jury with a better understanding of your subject. A written translation or adaptation must accompany non-English entries.

Evaluation Criteria

Originality (Uniqueness of Concept / Expression of Theme)
Creativity (Storytelling / Mood)
Technical Execution (Composition, Colour, Lighting, Exposure & Focus)
Subject Matter / Relevancy to Category Topic
Overall Impression / Wow Factor

Deadline: 15 Mar 2023

All winners will be announced on 13 May, 2023.


London Photographer of the Year (Professional) will receive a cash prize of $3,000 and the London Photographer of the Year (Amateur/Student) will receive a cash prize of $2,000.

London Category Winners (Professional & Amateur/Students) will receive cash prizes of $100 each.

Entry fees

Entry fee for Professionals is $30 and for amateur and students is $25. There are no limits to the number of entries.

website: London Photography Awards | International Photo Awards

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