This year we want to realize the first maker residence program of makers united in and around Chemnitz, the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Saxony, Germany.

By inviting European makers into our makerspaces in June 2024, we aim to amplify and support our maker culture of sharing skills and knowledge for the benefit of both makers and their hosts.


Applicants for the maker residence program are required to submit a formal application based around an idea or a technological concept realization.
Projects of all kinds are welcome, including open-ended design problems, material experiments, conceptual concerns or just something that needs to be made. It’s primarily about participation, international exchange, networking and community in the 2025 European Capital of Culture. It is about the opportunity to gain experience, about building and maintaining relationships and of course realizing projects of passion.
Makers can apply through the form on this page.


Arriving on the 8th or 9th of June, all makers will settle in at their makerspace to be working closely together with their hosts on a combined project until the 12th of June.
During the makers united festival in the Stadthalle Chemnitz from the 13th until the 16th of June all makers in residence will be staying in Chemnitz.
On the 13th and 14th of June schools will be visiting the festival and makers and makerspaces will present their joint project in a participative and inspiring workshop format of about one hour for each group of students visiting their stand.
The 15th and 16th of June the makers united festival will be open to all audiences and a compact participatory version of the project will be collectively presented throughout.


The makers united festival is visited by a wide audience of about 6000 visitors and about 300 makers of many different organizations actively take part. There is a great opportunity to build networks as activities and events are organized for this purpose and in close relation to Chemnitz 2025 European Capital of Culture.

There will be a flat rate for purchase of materials for the joint project in the amount of 1000 Euro for the makerspaces to supply their guest makers.
Travel expenses and accommodation costs (when no overnight options are available at location)  will be compensated as well as a reasonable daily maintenance contribution of 50 Euro for the makers.
Furthermore We offer a profile on our homepage in the maker section.


Fill out our application form before May 5th, 2024 *

Please email lianne [at]
with any questions about our residence program.

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