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Creatives far and wide in pursuit of enlightenment are journeying to NG Art Creative, a 17th century Provençal olive mill, Moulin de Gréoux, Maussane, offering a dedicated residency program and gallery, nestled in the foothills of the glorious Alpilles mountains. Situated alongside les Vallées des Baux, and only a stone’s throw from the historic village, Les Baux de Provence, boasting a magnificent ancient castle ruin, the region offers sweeping views over the rocky outcrop of ragged peaks,
cliffs, valleys, foothills and plains. Olive groves are bountiful, and the Moulin de Gréoux retains all its charm from a bygone era, and original features that characterize the history of the mill with its imposing vaulted ceilings, original olive press, wooden beam, frails and troths.
A home away from home, NG Art Creative is a not for profit international multi-disciplinary association offering a place of respite, nourishment and enlightenment for artists, writers, poets, musicians, performers, filmmakers, photographers, academic scholars, and other creatives who seek to enrich their process. A dedicated gallery within the Moulin de Gréoux, provides creatives the opportunity to showcase their work in regular seasonal, solo and group exhibitions. Feasts for the senses dinners, musical soirées, dance, performance and the like welcome the local and international community to partake in the residency’s unique cultural offerings. We invite creatives to embark on imaginative endeavours, and immerse themselves in this environment of reflection and creative freedom, in the studio and en plein air. NG Art Creative also prides itself on offering a limited number of awards, prizes and sponsorship. We value the relevance of art and culture, inspiring new perspectives and engagement within a local and global context.

• A 3 week solo exhibition in 2024 at the Heimat Gallery, Saint Remy de Provence, South of France
●• Be awarded by esteemed internationally renowned judge Tabish Khan (UK)


• Full board and lodging in the Moulin de Gréoux a 17th century former
olive mill
• Farm to table dining experiences
•● Communal dinners with the hosts of the residency and creatives in
●• Regular soirées and performance evenings
●• Accommodation – own bedroom
●• Large shared studio includes work stations, projector, easels &
•● Outdoor studio for sculpture and other hand building activities
●• En plein air painting
●• Residency outings to cultural places of interest
●• The use of our shared car for the duration of your stay
●• Bicycles provided for the duration of stay
●• Guidance and mentorship within the commercial art world from Nicky
Ginsberg and other professionals in the industry
•● Professional development and mentorship
●• Participation in seasonal studio exhibitions
●• Networking and collaboration
●• Cultural exchange and international exposure
●• Facilities – Gallery, living room, dining room, music room, study, arts
library, kitchen, indoor swimming pool, terrace and gardens

Our esteemed judge for the art prize is Tabish Khan, London Art Critic, see page 2 for biographical details.
Please apply online at:

Enter your name and email.
Then attach your Proposal:
Attach one PDF document of no more than 10MB including:
• Full name, date, title, creative medium, address and contact details

Up to 300 words outlining the expected outcomes of your proposed residency and Galerie Heimat exhibition opportunity, and how this will assist in the development of your practice.
• A biography in paragraph form of no more than 250 words noting recent
key achievements such as exhibitions, art awards, grants, residencies,
prizes, and/or relevant information on yourself.
Then attach you CV
Attach a copy of your current CV (max. two pages), detailing any residencies
and/or exhibitions in the forthcoming calendar year, or any other
commitments requiring international travel.
Then attach your work
Please upload no more than 6 images (JPEGs) in one PDF file – labelled with
your name and artwork titles

●• A guest residency of 3 weeks in 2024
• A 3 week solo exhibition in 2024 at Galerie Heimat, Saint Remy de
Provence, South of France
●• The Prize Winner will be responsible for all travel arrangements, inclusive
of flights and travel insurance
•● Any additional expenses will be funded by the Prize Winner during their
●• The Prize Winner will have access to a large shared studio, with their own
easel, workstation, kitchenette with a large communal table
●• Mentorship and insight from Nicky Ginsberg
●• Exposure and access to an international creative audience
All personal details provided by participants will be used only for the
purpose of processing their residency, keeping records and establishing
their identity. Access to this information is restricted to authorised individuals
We endeavour to commit to the dates of the residency, however due to a current unpredictable climate, these dates are subject to change. Should this be the case you will be notified in good time.

Deadline: 2024-01-01

Website link:

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