NOIA Open Call for Text and Visual Explorations – 003 States

Call for Content (send an abstract of max 200 words – Language English)

Artists, writers, architects, philosophers, poets, designers, curators, urban planners, etc: we are interested in diverse constellations of mediums, perspectives, and professional backgrounds and are seeking texts and other long-form works revolving around the idea of states, using exploration, world-making, and experimentation.

Please explain your idea in an abstract of 200 words maximum. The content we are looking for are ideally text-based but we encourage applicants to experiment and propose other non-text works for consideration.

Think creatively and submit abstracts for your academic papers, visual essays, experimental poems, graphic interventions, deconstructed texts, etc. We are aiming to build a collection of fiction, alternative histories, speculative non-fiction, recollections, and poetry around the concept of states. The process from submission to final draft is a collaborative one between the artists and the publication, so feel free to send in proposals that are still seed and not fully realised.

Ideally, your article would be created ad hoc for NOIA magazine and unpublished, but we will still fully consider articles written and published previously (pending that the rights are still valid to republish).

Reach out with any questions and we’ll be happy to chat more.

Issue 03 – States

States are the conceptual and physical constructions of borders – however tenuous – to define ideas and purport control. They are artifices presented as logic, defended as truths, manipulated as oppressions. Fluid and influenceable, we can recreate and redefine the states of the world today. The borders we establish, whether they are physical borders between nations or intellectual boundaries defining truths, are often social and political constructs that can be challenged and changed.

In the realm of facts and truths, it is important to recognise that knowledge and understanding are not fixed entities. They evolve over time as new evidence emerges, perspectives shift, and societies progress. Therefore, it is crucial to continuously analyze, critique, and challenge the states of facts and truths that have been established.

By recognising the fluidity and manipulable nature of states, both literal and metaphorical, we can actively participate in shaping the world and its future trajectory. This can involve advocating for more inclusive and equitable systems, challenging oppressive structures, and embracing diversity and change. It is through continuous reevaluation and the pursuit of knowledge that we can strive for a more just and progressive world.

Our call is an invitation to analyse, critique, reconstruct, and challenge the idea of states, finding new syntheses, proposing new outputs, or or dismantling understandings of existing systems.


NOIA is an independent, ad-free magazine that offers a platform for artists, designers, architects, and creatives to express themselves in a collaborative way.

We are searching for alternative solutions to challenge current establishments of thought. We believe that collaboration between creatives is a powerful tool to ignite discussion and counterbalance dominant, traditional narratives.


The last available day to submit your abstract is July 15th.

Apply form:Call for abstracts – NOIA magazine Issue 03 States |

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