Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab

Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab is a hub and laboratory that operates as a year-long advanced course at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. We focus on and work with spaces referred to as public. Our foundation is the field of art and the different histories, discourses, formal and conceptual strategies that belong to it. However, we seek to engage in methods and approaches from multiple disciplines.

Working with the public means engaging with complex, often polarized contexts, and it demands that we question what, where, how, why and with whom we do things.

We meet one week each month in a former storefront space in Stockholm – the base for the Lab’s work and research. Here, we are immersed in a neighborhood and can maintain a continuous dialogue with (a) particular place/site/situation/public(s). This is the setting for facilitating investigations and “public making” through experimentation and different participant-led projects that take their starting points in individuals’ practices and interests.

We explore practice-based thinking and doing though discussions, tests, sketches, prototypes, proposals and propositions. The mediums and forms of expression that are produced can be sculptural, conceptual, architectural, social, living, and /or participatory in nature.

The Lab strives to bring together a diverse group of people working with different approaches, with the belief that different backgrounds and life experiences are essential in shaping our public spaces and for an open society.

We seek a multidisciplinary group of 16 professional practitioners: artists, architects, landscape architects, curators, cultural producers and people from other relevant fields. People interested in actively contributing to peer-to-peer environment where different languages, practices and ways of understanding place co-exist to form an art and architecture laboratory.

Website link: https://www.opi-lab.com/

More information: https://kkh.se/en/education/further-education-in-architecture-and-fine-art/of-public-interest-lab/

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