One Paved Court Exhibition: Palimpsest Projects

Palimpsest Projects is a newly emerging not-for-profit contemporary artists’ and writers’ group based nomadically around London. We’re going to be curating at least 12 weeks’ worth of exhibitions in London this year, and we’re seeking submissions and expressions of interest around our overarching theme of ‘palimpsest’. Historically, a palimpsest has been a sheet with elements of erasure and rewriting, where traces of previous writing still remain. We’re evoking ‘palimpsest’ conceptually and aesthetically, where your contribution can be of any medium that involves levels of meaning, types of style, or other changes that build upon each other and showcase revision.

We’re generally interested in contemporary artworks, writing projects, documents or prints, architecture, and other cultural or academic performances. We’re interested in projects that relate to histories around postcoloniality, revisionist approaches, and avant-garde evolutions across modernism and postmodernism. We’re looking at techniques of collage, assemblage, montage, layering, redaction, deletion, etc. And we’re interested in exploring a global geographic scope, encouraging open contributions from around the world from those who can share their work with audiences in London, UK!

Please complete the online submission form below. All works will be thoughtfully reviewed, and if there’s a good fit, our curatorial team will get in touch to discuss your artistic requirements further. 

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