Poster Competition The 25th International Short Film Festival “Ciudad de Soria”


The Councilorship of Youth of Soria’s Local Government open calls for the 25th International Short Film Festival Contest “Ciudad de Soria” posters submission. The winning poster will be the 25th International Short Film Festival Contest image.


The 25th International Short Film Festival “Ciudad de Soria” Poster Contest aims to encourage artists and designers creativity around the world, spreading cinematographic culture, as well as drawing attention to the Festival image at a national and international level.

To participate in the 25th International Short Film Festival “CIUDAD DE SORIA” Poster Contest, you need to present your work of art according to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS:


This contest is open to designers, artists and content creators from all over the world, from every nationality. Whoever interested in participating, either as a team or as an individual author, may do so. You may present one poster per author tops.


  • Open theme works of art such created through paintings, pictorial compositions, photographs or digital creations will be accepted. 
  • Any work of art presented must clearly shown the following paragraph: 

 25TH INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL CONTEST “CIUDAD DE SORIA” From the 10th till the 19th of November 2023.

  • The design must have a free space to later insert the logo of the different institutios and business partners.
  • Take in account the chosen poster design will be used in different advertising formats (roll ups, bildboards, marquees, buses, etc.). Due to those advertising formats, the desing must be able to adapt vertical and horizontally without losing the original design shape.
  • Only original and unpublished works of art will be allowed. Therefore, the work of art must has not be submitted in previous, nor other Festivals. In case any image or image’s plagiarism from other authors or institutions has been used, the author will be the solely responsible of facing any claims due to this issue. The work of art would be inmediately removed.
  • Posters with cinematographic stereotyped or clichéd ideas such as pop-corns, theater seats, scissors, etc. won’t be admitted.


A sole award of 1000€ will be granted. The corresponding taxes stablished by the law will be discounted from it.


  • 1. The desings submitted by the authors to the contest must be a vertical PDF Din A/4 and 72 DPI (dots per inch) format. The design must be sent through email to the following address:

Submission deadline: 5th of July 2023 at 23:59 (11:59pm)

  • 2. The email sent to the organization must have the following information:
  • 1. Subject:

 Poster Contest for the International Short Film Festival “Ciudad de Soria 2023” Contest 

 + Title of the work of art.

  • 2.  Two attached files in order to preserve the author’s anonymity: 

1.  Final work of art file:

· Vertical JPG format Din A/4 size and 72 DPI.

(Files with layers and not edited text won’t be allowed at this point)

2. Word/ Notes file with the author’s data: 

·  Name of the author (and/or name of the company if applicable) 

·  Place of origin (city/ province/ country) 

·  Phone number 

·  E-mail 

·  ID

· Statement in good faith of the authorship of the work and the assignment of use of the poster

        3. The organization will send an e-mail to confirm receipt of the registration form and the materials. Contestants’ posters are not allowed to go public with their work until the following week after the announce of the winning poster. Both poster and author will be out of the contest if their work is shown to the public before the winner has been announced by the Festival Organization.

website: –Poster Competition Rules 2023 (

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    C/ Infantes de Lara s/n. 42003. Soria, España.
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Event Details
  • Location
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    C/ Infantes de Lara s/n. 42003. Soria, España.
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