Second Street Gallery open call

Open Call for Exhibition Proposals
Deadline to submit: Monday, January 13, 2025

Second Street Gallery’s open call for exhibition proposals is now open. The gallery is now accepting proposals for solo and group exhibitions. The gallery welcomes proposals from both artists and independent curators for consideration in works of all media – drawings, prints, photography, paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, sound, performance, and interdisciplinary projects.

Interested artists should thoroughly review the exhibition application requirements to ensure a complete submission. Artists must submit an application fee and an online application form with the following information:

  • A brief (under 500 words) statement outlining your concept or proposal for the show.
  • 5-10 images of the work you intend to exhibit or work you propose to create specifically for the exhibition.
  • A biography from all artists who will be included in the exhibition. If an independent curator is applying with an exhibition proposal, please provide the curator bio in this section, in addition to the bios for all artists included in the proposal.
  • A link to a website and/or Instagram account from all artists who will be included in the exhibition.

Artists or curators may choose to include any of the following supplemental materials with their application:

  • An Artist Statement / Statement of Work from all artists who will be included in the exhibition.
  • A CV or Artist Resume from all artists who will be included in the Exhibition Layout.
  • A sketch, rendering or diagram of your ideal exhibition layout. Layout should be based on dimensions of either the Main or Dové Gallery spaces at Second Street Gallery. This is for our reference only and you are not bound to execute this, if your proposal is accepted. Please submit documents in PDF format only. Your PDF file should be no larger than 3MB and the filename should end with suffix .pdf
  • Video/Performance Art Documentation Links. If you have video links or performance art documentation, please copy and paste the link in the video link section of the application.

All applications will be reviewed by Second Street Gallery Executive Director & Chief Curator, Kristen Chiacchia, who will consider local, national, and international submissions.

Questions? Reach out to to clarify any questions regarding the submission process. 

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