SMACH Biennale 2023 Biennale SMACH

SMACH is an international call for artists. SPROUTING. The theme of the Biennale 2023 is a verb declined in the gerund indicating an action already in progress on a visible level or on invisible, microscopic, metaphorical levels. The term has a wide range of applications from botany to molecular biology to the development of the neural system.

Today, we have left the Covid almost behind us, but we live in a present of wars, inflation, climate and energy crisis. It is a time of instability, which often rhymes with low fertility. With SPROUTING, we want to stimulate you to imagine what can be born in this era. What seeds would you like to plant? What shoots would you like to see sprout? What would you like to grow (or create) and leave for future generations?

We leave the answers to your visions, which can interpret the suggestions given by the theme according to conceptual and visual variations that we hope will be unexpected, stimulating and, of course, in dialogue with nature and the proposed prestigious Alpine sites.

You can find the full call for proposals in 4 languages and the document with detailed descriptions of each location below or as downloadable PDF-s at 2023 SUBMISSION PAGE.

The 10 selected artistic interventions will each be awarded a prize of EUR 2,000.00 per artist/ collective (net amount, taxes deducted). The fee includes coverage of costs concerning: conception, production, materials, transport (if not produced on site), installation-positioning, possible dismantling (if the work will not be acquired or donated).


The 10 winning projects will be realised thanks to the prize offered and presented in various Alpine locations in Val Badia, in the unique setting of the UNESCO Dolomites, from July to September 2023.

Deadline march 26th 2023!

Application fee:
15 euros per project proposal; 30 euros for 2 proposals, which also marks the maximum number of applications that can be sent. Payment.


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