TEMENOS art fellowship

TEMENOS art fellowship

the TEMENOS art fellowship is a live/work creation-lab for artists with active practices (emergent or established) in any contemporary art form, dedicated to integrative inquiry ¹.

​5 coordinators + 5 fellows. 5 days a week of deep, rigorous care of our own & one another’s vision/practice. Temenos fellows live in an intensive, immersive, collective engagement of radical creative practice within a participatory frame ².

​There are no program fees (only room & board, and a small administrative fee). 

​1 – 3 sessions of 11 weeks (fall, spring & summer), each culminating in an exhibition/ conference, followed by a publication at the end of each year. 

​Fellows completing 3 sessions will be awarded a Post-Graduate Practice-Led Research Diploma in Radical Creative Practice

¹ In addition to creative practices, we ask fellows to arrive with integrative practices. This might include contemplative, meditative, centering, embodiment, or spiritual practices of any kind. 

² TEMENOS is hosted within the participatory frame of  La SOURCE Center for Research & Creation. Thus, fellows are also asked to participate equitably in the care of the collective spaces and to volunteer 4 hours each week to support the care of the garden, grounds, & animals. This collective care is treated as a vital component of the project’s ethos to foster a cultural shift away from passive consumption towards active co-creation.

What kinds of ARTISTS are ELIGIBLE ?

Conceptual Art

Installation Art

Performance Art

Interactive Art

Musical Art

Socially-engaged Art


Exploratory Art

Literary Art

Site-Specific Art

Musical Art

Graphic Art

Healing Arts

Intersectional Art


New Media Art

Environmental Art

Video Art

Word Art

Participatory Art

Ephemeral Art

Experimental Art

Fiber Art

Situationist Art

Street Art

Relational Art

Interventionist Art

Audio Art

Kinetic Art

Theater Arts

Body Art

Documentary Art

Visionary Art

Confessional Art

Digital Art

Multi-sensory Art

… and all other formers of contemporary practice.

Application information

Send an email to info@la-source.org with the subject title: “TEMENOS art fellowship application” including the following contents:

A sampling of your artistic/creative work (20 images, 20 minutes, 20 pages…)

A link to a video (or if you’re stubbornly unwilling, a letter) introducing your universe to the selection committee. Please include in this video/letter:

a little bit of context about your world/life

an introduction to your “artistic” practice/s

an introduction to your “centering” practice/s

your reasons for applying and creative ambitions as a TEMENOS fellow

Your contact information: Name, mailing & residential address (if different), email address, phone number, links to creative/personal projects

Your CV

1 reference letter (from someone who knows and has followed the evolution of your creative practice. Note: This is recommended but not required for applicants submitting a video application)

Which session/s you are applying for​

for Video: YouTube and Vimeo are preferred to DropBox or GoogleDrive. If absolutely necessary for the application video, a message via our FaceBook page is also possible.
for Photos: DropBox, GoogleDrive, and WeTransfer are all fine.


Properly speaking, there are no program fees.
We ask for housing and food costs, as well as a small administrative fee.

We are happy to provide paperwork and documentation for assistance with grant funding to cover expenses.

Housing costs vary depending on specific spaces (ranging from 10-25€/day).
Food/supply costs are 15€/day.
Admin costs 5€/day.

Website link for apply: https://www.la-source.org/the-temenos-art-fellowship

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