The ALTER EGO Open Call

a brilliant alias that channeled his beliefs, intentions, and superpowers, and a part of himself that was known to very few. Calling all artists worldwide!

One’s alter-ego can express varied elements of one’s being, perhaps a deep connection to nature, a political passion, a mythological counterpart, or even an animal guide.

Introspective and personal, alter-egos express a creative outlook and deep understanding that ideas, beliefs, and beings do not always manifest in one visage and can change appearance by necessity or desire.

For this open call, consider the term Alter-Ego expansively; show us artwork that reveals a facet of you – a manifest passion, superpower, or facet of your personality, creatively yours to reveal.

  • Please supplement your artwork with a written statement so that judges may fully understand how your art expresses the theme of an ALTER EGO and why this is so.
  • All genres welcome including painting, photography, mixed media, collage, sculpture, NFT’s, etc.

show us your true self


1 Grand Prize Winner: An Exclusive Solo Exhibition***

5 Finalists: Inclusion in a Small Group Exhibition

1 See|Me Member Winner: Inclusion in a Small Group Exhibition

1 Student Prize: Inclusion in a Small Group Exhibition

all winners will receive:

An Invitation to join the See|Me Digital Gallery

Inclusion in the Artsy ALTER EGO Collection

Awarded a custom social media promotion

***The solo exhibition prize is available to the 6-ticket entry submission only

gallery location:

  • The ALTER EGO exhibition will be held in New York City, gallery, TBD


  • Late Spring / Early Summer

rules and regulations:

  • Submission Format: All competition entries are completed through an online submission form that each participant receives via email after purchasing their entry ticket or membership.
  • Accepted Media: Submissions from the following mediums are accepted: Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage Art, Mixed Media, Digital Art (including NFT’s), and Video Art.
  • If a participant’s work does not match any of these mediums, there is an “other” option available when they select their medium on the submission form.
  • Uploading Artwork: When uploading artwork, all files must be named in the following format: the artist’s full name followed by the title of the artwork.
    • For example, “Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night”.
  • Image Resolution: We ask that participants upload image files of the highest resolution possible at a maximum file size of 5MB per image (accepted image filetypes are JPG, JPEG, and PNG).
  • Video and NFT-eligible Submissions are made by entering direct links to the submission form.
    • Video/NFT submissions work best by uploading files to a platform like Youtube, Vimeo or Opensea and then copy-pasting the URL(s) into the submission form.
    • Video files such as MP4, MOV, and AVI are not accepted

submission deadline:

Sunday March 31st, 2024

Website link:

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