The Mudhouse Residency

The Mudhouse Residency is open to writers and visual artists of all disciplines. ⁠


JUNE 10 – JUNE 24 | JULY 1 – JULY 15 | JULY 22 – AUGUST 5


We will be holding three summer residency sessions in 2024; from June until the beginning of August.

Through the support of individual donors and foundations, the Mudhouse is able to extend a Full or Partial Fellowship to every artist who attends.

Determined by a selection committee, Full fellowships will be based on the merit of the applicants work while Partial fellowships will be need based.

Partial fellowship recipients are asked to pay a reduced fee to attend. While the overall cost of The Mudhouse Residency is $4,200 per artist for the Summer 2024, the residency fee for partially funded fellowships is $3200. Artists who demonstrate additional financial need may request further financial assistance of a 25% discount on the reduced fee.

You should only submit a Fellowship Application if you wish to be considered for one of the three full fellowships. All other applications should be submitted through the General Application above.


The Mudhouse encourages alumni to return to the Mudhouse. Returning alumni are asked to submit a project proposal, rather than an application. We are able to welcome one returning alumni each session for a reduced residency fee of $2600.

As an artist founded and run residency program, The Mudhouse aims to provide as much support to artists as possible through full and partial fellowships each application cycle. Please consider donating, your donation is tax deductible. Those interested in becoming a fellowship sponsor, please contact our Development department at

Questions? Review our FAQ section or email us at

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