34th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition

Taito City embraces major tourist attractions as Ueno and Asakusa, and furthermore, Taito City houses many local manufactures of ZAKKA; general merchandise and knick-knacks, such as genuine leather items and hats. The 34th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition is designed to reward the best and excellent designs through screenings of approximately 3,000 entries every year.  Professionals with established presence who have been active in the fashion-related business forefront will be judging your passion for designs. Furthermore, this year, a new category has been introduced to this time-honored competition which has been going on for more than 30 years. Apply now and be an epoch of new Fashion ZAKKA era! We look forward to your fascinating idea, the idea making a difference in the future of Fashion ZAKKA.

The competition will result in awarding 25 different prizes and more than ¥750,000 (Japanese Yen) in prize money. The Grand Prize is ¥200,000. The winning designs will be produced by craftspeople in Taito.

The 34th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition includes the following categories:

  • Genuine Leather Division
    • Shoes
    • Bags
    • Belts & Suspenders
    • Wallets & Accessory Cases
    • Leather Innovation
  • Fabric Division
    • Hats

Designs should be new and previously unpublished — has not been made into product or received any awards — and should be able to be made into product. Both men’s and women’s designs are acceptable.


Genuine leather should be used as the main fabric.
Anybody and everyone interested is welcome, regardless of gender.
Wallet & Accessory Cases refers to wallets, purses, pencil pouches, card holders, and other items you put something in, or items used to hold/contain something.
*5 Leather Innovation Category
This category is designed to offer a prize to the best, innovative cutting edge idea that goes beyond the framework of categories listed above. If your design can not be categorized into either category but meets certain criteria stated below, you are welcome to apply for this new category.

The design of innovative leather item should meet requirements below;

  1. 1.Genuine leather should be used as the main fabric.
  2. 2.Design for the leather ZAKKA item does not fit to above-mentioned categories.
  3. 3.Wide distribution channels are available for promotions of the item designed.


Entry is open to all, especially those who are interested in ZAKKA design, irrespective of professionals and amateurs.

Call for Entry :

Friday, September 1, 2023 ~Saturday, September 30, 2023, 23:59 JST

How to Enter:

Entries may only be made online. Complete entry form posted on our HP https://www.taito-zakka-fair.jp and return by entry closing date.

Website link: The 34th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition Application Information – TAITO FASHION ZAKKA-台東ファッションザッカ- (taito-zakka-fair.jp)

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