AiR WG Residency in Amsterdam

AiR WG Residency in Amsterdam

International and local visual artists, performance artists, musicians, designers, writers and curators are welcomed to apply for a residency at AiR WG in Amsterdam, for the periods of July – September 2024, October – December 2024, January – March 2025 and April – June 2025.

・About the residency
Organized by the atelierWG community in Amsterdam since 2015, our light and spacious studio apartment is open to both international and local visual artists, performance artists, musicians, designers, writers, and curators.

The airWG offers a fantastic opportunity to be part of an exciting and innovative artist-run initiative in the heart of Amsterdam. Situated in a former hospital building and currently housing a community of artists since the 80s, airWG provides a space for the experimentation, production, and presentation of artwork. We encourage our residents to build a relationship with the local art community. Our aim is to host different perspectives, projects, and ideas in this context during the coming years, including the recognition of diversity, an adequate critical and creative approach, and a connection with contemporary artistic practices.
The Address: Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 37, 1054 RS Amsterdam

・Offered by airWG
Accommodation & studio space with all utilities & internet access. Greet and Meet gathering and the opportunity to make an exhibition/event in our project space puntWG. 

・Cost for the artist
800 euros/month per person. Residents are responsible for their travel, work materials, food and personal expenses during the residency. 

Note: The resident artist is responsible for the proper use of airWG’s physical space and furniture, as well as the rational use of electricity, water and heating services. The lack of responsibility in using the services can lead to extra rates for the residents.

・How to Apply
Submit your application as a single PDF file to ln.gwreileta@gwria. The file size is 10 MB max.

The application must include:

  1. Visual documentation: Up to ten examples of your recent artistic work with titles, years, materials, and dimensions. Film or audio work/documentation should be submitted via an open link (total video/audio should not exceed 5 minutes).
  2. CV: Maximum two A4 pages.
  3. Motivation text and residency plans: Maximum two A4 pages. Describe your motivation, specific interest in this residency, and your proposal for the residency period.
  4. Clearly specify the desired residency period: Options include July – September 2024, October – December 2024, January – March 2025, and April – June 2025.

2nd January 2024, 23:59 CET. Selected residents will be notified by the end of January.

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